How to Create a Marketing Strategy You Feel Good About

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If there’s one thing that is consistent in running a business, it’s that everyone wants more clients, more members, more customers, more people buying what they are selling.

But, the reality is… more people in the door is one of the hardest things to actually get.

And it’s called marketing.

For many business owners, marketing is a mystery. What works? What doesn’t? If it works for the guy down the street, why isn’t it working for me?

The key to your business success lies in how effectively you market your services.

You run an event, it needs to be marketed. You create a new program, it needs to be marketed. You want more members, you’ve got to market to get them.

So, how do you get your message out there in a way that people want to bite the hook?

Create your Marketing Strategy.

Why does a Marketing Strategy matter?  The short answer is: because it saves you money.

In marketing, there is strategy and there are tactics. And there is a big difference between the two. Often, we see business owners doing the latter. In hope of attracting new members, they throw a bunch of things at the wall, hoping that some of it sticks. Problem is, all that takes time, and money… and sometimes lots of both.  

John Wanamaker was famous for saying, “Half of the money I spend on advertising/marketing is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

Creating a marketing strategy before you begin executing on the tactical things allows you to think through your plan and apply your limited marketing budget more effectively.

Some of the benefits of creating a Marketing Strategy include:

  1. Peace of mind from being proactive, rather than reactive with your marketing efforts
  2. Confidence in knowing you are prepared
  3. Structure in your business so that you can budget for what’s ahead
  4. Organization for your team so they know what’s coming

How do you begin creating your Marketing Strategy?

First, it’s important to spend time getting in the head of your potential client. Who are they? What do they value? When you can get clear on the specific factors that drive their choices and behavior, you will be that much closer to planning events and communicating in ways that speak to what they will buy.

Once you understand who you are messaging to, get out a calendar and think through the next 3 months. Look at the holidays, and see what events you can plan around the holidays. Decide what challenges you want to run, what specialty classes you want to offer, and what events you want to host both for your members and to attract new people in the door.

Once you schedule these in your calendar, list everything you need to do to make each one of those things happen. Focus on one event at a time, starting with the ones that are scheduled to happen first. Answer questions like… How are you going to promote it on social media? What do you need to order/reserve? Who can you bring on board to help you and delegate things to?  What email automation do you need in place to ensure good communication, leading up to the event and afterwards?

For the month of May in Hub, we are focused on helping Hubsters create a Marketing Strategy so they can realize the benefits listed above. If you’re all over the place with your marketing and never confident that what you’re doing is achieving the results that you want, join Hub. For only $99, you can get in there where we’ll walk you through step-by-step in creating your Marketing Strategy.

It’ll be the best $99 you’ve spent in a while, trust us.

If you’ve got questions, we’re always happy to jump on a call with you. Use this link to schedule at your convenience.

Have You Lost Your Why?

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We all start something – a new business, a new hobby, a new adventure – because we love it. In the beginning, our vision for success often consumes our thinking, our conversations, and our activities. And it’s incredibly fun. We’re inspired by just the thought of success. Everything is new. People encourage our vision. Things feel like they are coming together. We’re going to get to live our dream.

And then…

Reality sets in.

Maybe it’s 6 months down the road, or 6 years, but life happens and we’re sitting alone wondering what in the heck we’re doing. Those encouragers are nowhere to be found. Money is hard to come by. The days are long and our energy is low. The newness has worn off. We have no idea how to get more people through the door. The business is running us and keeps demanding more and more of what we don’t have to give. Some days, maybe most days, it’s just too much.

This weekend we had a gym owner post in our private Facebook group. “Really excited to be here! We hit a major boom for our gym around 4 years ago but in the process of growth we lost our way and more importantly our WHY! The gym was regular for 2 years before it started to drop off. We took the plunge with the Hub to give us a clear direction and to simplify the complication we caused in our business. Actually to say I’m excited is an understatement.”

This got me thinking…

How many gym owners out there have lost their way and their why?

How many of you started out, excited to help people and do what you love, and are now just going through the motions – tired, discouraged, lonely, on the verge of burnout?  You didn’t realize when you started out that you’d have to be a marketing expert, a writer, a therapist, a toilet scrubber, a financial whiz, an event planner, a social media poster, a floor cleaner, a videographer, a lease negotiator, and the list goes on.

Now your business – that thing that used to be a fun dream to think about – feels like a massive burden. Where once you only wanted and expected the best, now you’re satisfied with good enough. Your purpose is nowhere to be found. It’s hard to get out of bed in the morning. People are counting on you and it feels like too much.

You may even be considering closing up shop.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We have created a community that is honestly like no other in the industry. We’ve been involved in the CrossFit / fitness world long enough to know that it can be tough out there. Where can you go for answers to your questions that won’t make you feel like an idiot? No matter how successful we are, we have questions (or we should). We all need a safe place where those questions can be answered.

We spent the last year and a half developing Hub to address all of the above.

We know that many gym owners can’t afford one-on-one business coaching or a high price tagged monthly service. They just need something that won’t break the bank to get them going in the right direction.

If this is you, Hub is your answer.

Our goal with Hub is to create a welcome oasis from noise and offer a source of knowledge and camaraderie for the affiliate community.

And it’s working. Check out these recent comments we’ve gotten in just the last week…

“I just wanted to give a big SHOUTOUT for Hub and this amazing group page. Since joining in January, I have gained focus, understanding, and direction in how to make the business into my vision. Upon numerous business systems created and marketing strategies developed, my most proud accomplishment is converting my members to new membership options.”

“The hub has helped us tremendously:)”

“I can’t tell you how much I have learned in the last 4 months! It’s incredible, and I can’t wait to see what’s to come in these next 4.”

Because we know that every dollar spent is one that doesn’t make it into your pocket, we want you to try before you buy so we’re offering a 7 day free trial of Hub. No commitments needed, no strings attached. Just jump in there and try it out. If you like it, keep going. If not, just cancel.

Let the community surround you so that you re-find your way and why. We’re here waiting to help… you just have to take the first step.

Can You DIY the Marketing of Your Business?

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Marketing exists for the ultimate purpose of getting leads in your door and turning those leads into sales.

We’re a company who specializes in marketing, so we’ve seen it all. Everything from… logos done on Word, websites still live that were cobbled together back in 2010, Facebook ads that aren’t producing leads, not showing up until 4 or 5 pages into a Google search, businesses trying to grow without any marketing plan in place.

And these people wonder why they are in the same place they were this time last year (or 3 years ago).

Truth be told, there is a lot that goes into effectively marketing a business, including things like a dynamic website that works just as well on a mobile device as it does a computer, promoting and delivering fun events, producing quality videos, capturing testimonials, a creative and professional logo and brand, an engaging newsletter, writing blogs, managing social media accounts, creating landing pages, writing eBooks, showing up in the first three of the Google search, banners, t-shirts designs, email automation software with campaigns, scheduling software, FB ads that actually convert, understanding solid analytics. To 95% of small business owners, this list is both overwhelming and exhausting.

But the problem is… if you don’t pay attention to these things, you will get left behind.

So, can you DIY your marketing?

I recently started a podcast. I can’t even begin to tell you how many hours I spent (wasted) trying to learn how to publish a podcast. Just creating the website alone and connecting it to the hosting software and iTunes took me an embarrassing amount of research and time, only to finally throw my hands up in frustration. I don’t even want to think about how much that DIY cost me. My intention was to save money because we were on a limited budget (like $0), which clearly did not happen. In my frustration, I reached out to my nephew who does this for a living. $50 and 2 days later (obviously, that’s the family discount), he had me up and running. But, more than just “up and running”, his work gave me the confidence that it was actually done right.

It needs to be noted that there is a big difference between something that is an expense and something that is a critical value add. Cable is an expense. Electricity is a critical value add. Starbucks is an expense. Vegetables are a critical value add. LuLuLemon clothing is an expense. Clothing is a critical value add. You get the point.

An expense is an added nice to have or luxury, a critical value add is imperative for success.

How can you know if investing in the effective marketing your gym is an expense or if it’s a critical value add?

Given the fact that based on the majority of conversations we have with gym owners, the number one thing they need help with is getting leads, I’d say marketing is a critical value add component of your business.

We’ll ask the question again… can you DIY your marketing?

Sure, but only if you have the right tools and know how to use them. When learning new skills, you have to ask yourself the question, is this something that will benefit me in the long run? Or is it a “trendy” thing, like Facebook ads, that always changes and I’m going to have to keep re-learning it to stay current?

Setting up my podcast was something I only needed to do one time. It would have made a whole lot more sense to hire it out in the beginning rather than waste my time – and essentially money because time is money – trying to learn it myself. (and I should know this.)

We want to help. That’s why we’ve spent the last year and a half developing the Hub platform. It’s our solution to you being able to save money while upping your marketing game. The affordable monthly cost gives you access to an extensive library of video courses, and a litany of plug-n-play templates. If you only watched the step-by-step “How to Create Facebook ads” or downloaded the Staff Handbook template and applied it to you business, that’d be well worth the amount of a year subscription to Hub. Instead of searching Google for hours, Hub is a one stop shop. It also gives you access to our private FB group, which is unlike any other FB group page resource in the industry. 

So, one more time… can you DIY your marketing by piecemealing and Google searching and cobbling together what you’ve learned?  Sure. Anyone can do it. But, you have to look at what results your current efforts are producing for you. How many leads are coming in your door? The real question then is should you DIY your marketing?

Check out a Free 7 day trial of Hub today!  If you don’t like it, you can cancel. No strings attached. 🙂 And for only $99 more/month, you can add a M3 group for weekly accountability with peer gym owners and a 321Go Business Coach to make sure you’re implementing what you’re learning.

You’d probably never attempt to build a house – even if you had the blueprint and tools – if you didn’t have any experience. Surround yourself with people who know what they’re doing and the going will be much easier… we promise.

A Simple (but Challenging) Equation to Achieve Excellent Results

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The first week of our Hub 30 for 30 Challenge is complete, and… it’s honestly been nothing short of incredible.

In the Challenge, 150+ gym owners are using the content in Hub to dedicate the month of October to develop the habit of working ON their business for 30 minutes a day. To some, 30 minutes per day may not sound like a whole lot, but the results have been extraordinary. Here are a few examples of what we’re hearing…

“For the first time in over 8 months I wasn’t worried about stepping away from working in my business, because I am learning how to work ON my business.”

“I have to say that this [Challenge] is absolutely INCREDIBLE! I love all the action, I love all the people commenting on others posts but most importantly I love the community aspect. I’ve been a part of many groups in my social media days but I have never seen such a positive environment.”

“It’s so awesome to be surrounded by like-minded people.”

“Thanks group… I needed this. Two jobs are killing me and I need to make this more of a business than a hobby.”

“I didn’t know what to expect when I signed us up for this. I’ve been watching 321Go for years now so I knew the risk would pay off no matter what. We fall beyond short of some (all) of the metrics used to structure the program. With that being said, I would like to add that realizing this has empowered us. As we dive deeper into the program we are discovering that the steps we have been so scared to take really aren’t that big of a deal.”

“Where the heck was this three years ago??!! I am in love ❤️ ! I have focus and love checking things off a list!”

What are these people experiencing that is producing such great results?  It boils down to this simple equation:


Let’s break each of these down to see what they would mean for you:

  • Preparation – the key here is commitment. Prepare yourself for change. Examine what you’ve been doing and determine what needs to be done. You can’t keep doing what you’ve been doing and simply expect different results. It won’t happen. You’ll just get more of the same. Change is never easy. Discipline is almost always hard. But if you prepare for it and commit, change becomes an exciting adventure. Often times if your business has plateaued (or declined), you’ve got to shock your business muscles to begin to develop success momentum.
  • Organization – this is all about planning and getting your ducks in row. An organized, structured plan allows you to become aware of what you need to work on to move your business forward and lays out the steps to accomplish that plan. In this Challenge, we do each day for 30 minutes. It involves looking at each day in each week and creating a plan for what you will accomplish that week.
  • Productivity – this is where you take action on the things in your plan. Do the work for today. Don’t worry about next week, or next month, or next year. Do the work today, and before you know it, you’ll be miles from where you are right now. Richard Flint says, “Behavior never lies.” In life, a lot of people talk a good game, but watch people’s behavior and it’ll give the real truth of what’s important to them.
  • Accountability – this has been huge. The community that’s been created of like-minded, motivated business owners has been outstanding. This includes accountability, encouragement, advice, sounding board, and the sharing of resources. It takes a village to run a successful business, but unfortunately, many go at it alone. 30 for 30 participants are able to pattern themselves after others who have already been there done that. Having a “personal board of directors” of people who are in it, just like you, has proven invaluable for these folks.
  • Results – when the above four are combined, the results are powerful. Policies are being written, marketing is being focused on, time is being freed up to spend with significant others, kids, and friends, priorities are being set, and business owners are being true business owners.

30 for 30 participants are learning to trust their intuition and narrow their focus. They are healthily approaching their businesses as an ever-growing entity – putting in the time and effort it takes to advance it to the next stage of growth.

So where are you? Which of the above do you need more of?

It’s time to run your business instead of letting your business run you.

Check out our monthly packages to see if we can help.

Can You Change Your Business in 30 Days?

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Over the past week, we’ve had requests pouring in from all over the world – US, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Macedonia, Canada – to be a part of our 30 for 30 Hub Business Challenge.

There’s a groundswell of people wanting to buckle down and take their business to the next level, and it’s exciting!

Here are a few of the things people have been saying…

“Oh I’m in for sure! Looking forward to it.”

“No time like the present. We have our 3rd son due on Oct 1st and I have a habit of taking on multiple challenges at the same time and doing better than when things are calm, so I figure this is the one.”

“I need a kick in the ass! Let’s do this!”

“We spoke about this and promised each other to do the challenge.  We are going to figure out our schedule so we can commit 30 min each do to get organized … we are pretty excited!”

“Let’s do this! (Gulp!)”

“I can not say how hard is run a box in my country. There is no resources of any kind that will help me to run the business. I hope that I will learn a lot in the Hub Challenge.”

“Awesome, I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of this.”

“I am up for this. I am ready.”  

“I’m down for the challenge. I need it.”

“Let’s do this!  I’m in for the challenge!!! 🙂 Thanks, Hub!”

“Love this idea, kind of do this anyways but would love more structure to what I’m planning to do each day.”

“I’m in for the Challenge. Totally need this.”

Maybe you can relate to some of the comments above… You’re ready for a change. You’ve been coasting, or slipping, or discouraged, or just making it through your days… or doing okay, but you know you could be doing better.

What would it mean to you to have accountability to FOCUS on your business for the next 30 days?

Can your business change?  Absolutely.

Bruce Lee said, “The successful warrior is the average man, with laser focus.”

Change or adjust your focus, change your business.

Want to be a part of a swell of gym owners who are committing 30 minutes a day for the next 30 days (starting Monday, Oct. 3rd) to build habits and see results in their business?

Check out the 30 for 30 Business Challenge.

This Challenge isn’t for everyone, but maybe it is for you.

As with any challenge, it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

Not sure if it’s for you? Answer these 2 questions…

Is it a PRIORITY for me to grow my business? Is the consequence of NOT growing it greater than the DISCIPLINE of developing a good habit and growing it?

If you answer yes to the above, you should consider joining us for the 30 for 30 Business Challenge.

Everybody talks about wanting their business to be different; few actually take the steps needed to change it for the better.

C’mon… take the leap and let’s freakin’ do this!!