CrossFit and Social Media

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Why do we CrossFit?

Yes, of course, the WOD’s are great and keep us motivated by the varying movements and daily variety, but I would say, most of us really come for the community. CrossFit = Community. People on the outside don’t get it. Until you have stepped inside the doors and experienced a solid community of people supporting each other and hanging out after a wod, just to catch up, you don’t really understand the culture. I saw a quote on a CrossFit shirt the other day that said, “There is a fine line between salvation and drinking poison in the jungle.”

So how do you get those new clients inside your box?

One of the best ways is to start using social media. Using social media to build your community is called permission marketing. You are entering their world, where they hang out, and where you can get to know your client, before they even step in your doors. Yes, it takes consistent effort, but the positives of building your community online through your website blog, Facebook, Youtube, and even Twitter, are well worth it.

How effective have you been in using social media to help grow your CrossFit community?”

321GoProject is Live!!

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Finally! After much time and effort, we have launched 321GoProject.

Behind 321GoProject are, Chris Spealler and Clay Weldon. We combined our talents and passions to create, what we hope to be, a valuable resource for new and existing Crossfit affiliates.

We want to offer convenience and a place they can get ALL the info/resources they need to start or expand their affiliate. With this efficiency, they will have more time to actually train which is the key to building their gym and community.

Check back often for new tips and techniques that you can use to grow your CrossFit Community!
Also check out our new Facebook page, where we will look to build a community who wants to share info on what works and what doesn’t with their affiliates.

Here we go!
Chris and Clay