CrossFit Crown City Case Study

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“Initially when we were trying to figure out how to approach all of the elements of our new box, we were unsure where to start.  Essentially 32Go Project gave us a clear path to address many of the issues that we were facing at a cost that we found very reasonable.  Our experience from start to finish was terrific.  Clay was very easy to work with and Chris was very helpful in clarifying our initial investment in gear for the box.  We would definitely recommend 321Go Project for anyone interested in a cost effective, turn key package.” – Tom Scoble | Partner, CrossFit Crown City

Can new members find your box online?

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If a guy named Mikko Salo moves to Wodville, where there are 4 CrossFit boxes, he’s got choices. Which CrossFit box will he choose? Well, my guess is the first thing he’ll do is google “CrossFit in Wodville.”

People will go to your website before they come in the door. It is comfortable and easy to check out a website from the couch while drinking a protein shake. They’ll take a look at the trainers, pictures of the facility and wonder what 5 OHS 10 T2B AMRAP 10 minutes, stands for? Five years ago, multiple box’s in one city was not an issue, but now it is becoming standard. I opened a box in San Diego in 2010, already a crowded market. 3 years later, there are 10 more box’s in the same area. One CrossFit is less then a mile away and three more are five miles away.

When the potential customer in Wodville is searching on Google you want to make sure your box shows up first. The higher your box shows up on google, the more people will click on it. More clicks equals more business (if you have the right website, which 321Go Project will handle). We will just replace “Google” for “search engine” in this post because 99% of world uses it to search for just about everything.

So how do people end up in the first position or worse yet on the third page of a Google search? A study at Cornell determined that if you are below the third spot you will only get 4% of the traffic clicking on your site. That should set a pretty clear goal for everyone reading this article. You must be in the top three!


You need to write about your facility, your members, and your box. The content needs to be put up on your website. Easy enough, right? Well most CF Box’s just have a WOD page that is filled with only workouts. That is great and you need that, but there needs to be more substance on your page to increase your position. By substance I mean articles that are related to CrossFit, fitness, healthy eating and the quality and community of your box.

Check out CrossFit Verve! they have a WOD Blog page not just a WOD page. They post the WOD, but somedays also have an article below it. A simple idea for picking a topic to write on is listening to the questions you get asked as a coach. If three people ask you about the grotesque calluses that keep growing on their precious hands then you should put together an article on hand care. Google loves content. They want to direct people to sites that have more content then less. Your members will benefit from this resource and it will save you time by directing future questions to that post.

Step Two – Backlinking

Backlinking is how you get to certain posts. So you might have logged on 321Go Project and clicked on a link to get to this article. You may found a link on google or another affiliate may have put a link to this article on their site. It is basically the link you use to get to this article. The more backlinks the better. Imagine if put up a backlink to your box at the bottom of their WOD page? The traffic you would get that day would be amazing. The more backlinks you have the more credible Google thinks your site is, which increases your ranking. Remember if this was a competition we want to get top three!

An example is the paragraphs above, they both have backlinks in them to CrossFit Verve and

A few tips to get back links: You can link a few of your own articles to each other. At the end of a post say check out this article on hand care if you rip on pull ups today. Another trick is to write about a hot topic so others will repost the link on their site. During the games, write about who you think will be top dog and why? During the CF open, breakdown the workouts and give people strategies to use during the WOD. Last and most important, if you create quality content, people will share it.

Step Three – Titles and Keywords

We are getting a little more into detail here, but stick with me. Titles are very important. That is why people will click your article and backlink it. Google also pays attention to titles because it gives the reader an idea of what the article will be about.

Give people a clear understanding of what the article is going to be about. Use keywords that you want to rank for. Keywords are another way of saying buzzwords or important words. If you are writing about a new ladies only class you are offering, you should use words like “Ladies” “CrossFit” and “Fitness” in your title and throughout your article. Do not over do it and make it unnatural. But if someone were to search “Ladies Fitness Class in Wodville” you want to land on the top three of Google.

Step Four – Take Action

90% of people will read this, get distracted by a member, then go in the gym to prove they are the best at lifting heavy things and moving large loads over long distances.

Not you though. You are going to pull up your WOD page and start to plug in an article for tomorrow. You can wait 10 min to WOD. It can literally be a paragraph. Do not over think it, just do it. How to Kip. Why You CrossFit. 3 Steps to Eating Paleo. Pick an idea and run with it. Next time someone decides to pick a gym in your town, your gym will be the first one on the list.

Now it’s your turn! Comment below to share with others what has worked for you and the questions you have!

This blog post was kindly written for us by Geo Rockwell, the owner of CrossFit Mission Gorge in San Diego and founder of, where fitness entrepreneurs share their secrets to success. He has his CrossFit level one certification, CrossFit Endurance Certification, ACE Certification, and a Bachelors in Physical Education.

Crossfit Medical Clearances

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A new CrossFitter just took that first step,
and walked in your door…

Chances are, you are having this client fill out some basic paperwork…
Do you have your clients fill out a medical questionnaire?

Your medical form doesn’t have to be a detailed medical history like the one you fill out at the doctor’s office but having some basic medical information will make your job easier and help you give this new CrossFitter the best experience at your facility.

How can a medical questionnaire help you provide your athlete with the best experience?

The questionnaire gives you a heads up on any important medical issues that may effect their experience, such as, if you have a diabetic athlete, does he have to check his blood levels before and after or if he is feeling light headed or dizzy in a workout? If he’s feeling dizzy, he may need to refuel and raise his sugar. Or maybe she has a knee injury and you need to scale things like box jumps.

The questionnaire also will allow you and all your coaches to have access to this information if the athlete goes to a class that another coach is teaching, that coach can have a reference to refer to and be able to provide a quality, safe experience for the athlete.

Ok, so what should you ask?

There are many, many things you could ask, and you can format your form to fit your needs, but here’s some suggestions to include:

Demographic Info:

1. Name, Address, Phone Number, Emergency Contact (preferably 2) – and phone number
2. Insurance Info (company, policy holder, policy #, group number if applicable) *Insurance info – just in case you ever have to send somebody via ambulance, saves you time and stress; not a necessity, but a good thought.

Medical Questions:

1. Have you ever been told by a physician that you are not cleared for exercise?
2. Do you have chest pain during physical activity?
3. Do you or have you ever felt dizzy or lost consciousness during physical activity? *These questions should be your big red flags for physician clearance before the athlete begins participation.
4. Do they have or ever had:

  • Cardiac or heart issues/disease? (previous heart attack, artherosclerosis, heart disease, etc.)
  • Diabetes, if so are you insulin dependent?
  • High blood pressure?
  • Liver disease?
  • Lung disease?
  • Asthma, if so do you use an inhaler? For exercise? Where do you keep your inhaler during exercise?
  • Concussion: total number? most recent (date – month/year)?
  • Any other medical condition?
  • Allergies? Allergies to medications? *
    Be aware, latex allergies are quite common and some of the commonly used equipment in CrossFit have latex in them – ie. jump stretch bands*
  • Medications you are currently taking?
  • Are you a smoker?
  • Orthopedic issues: Have you ever had or do you have any injuries with the following:
    • Hips
    • Knees
    • Ankles/Feet
    • Back/Spine
    • Neck
    • Shoulders
    • Elbows/Forearms/Wrist/Hand
  • Any other pertinent medical information you think we should know?

Have a space to expand on any yes answers. Don’t hesitate to ask for a physician’s note for the athlete to participate if you’re concerned about any underlying disease, illness or injury!

This is valuable, personal information!

Be aware that you are collecting personal information from your athletes. So protect the information – correctly! Keep it filed away, never out in the open, preferable in a locked cabinet. If a client leaves, moves or whatever shred the info or give the paperwork right back to them.

When in doubt, ask!

Ask around, ask other affiliates…ask me, members in the medical profession (FYI: most athletic trainers have a lot of experience with similar forms in their practice settings which may be a good place to start), or check out these threads that you might find helpful:

CrossFit Verve | Case Study

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“321Go Project did a great job redesigning our website.  CrossFit Verve had very strict demands, which Clay at 321Go Project was able to meet. Clay did a great job retaining our brand identity during the transition from the old site to the new one.  321Go Project met our deadlines and communicated with us every step of the way – if we didn’t like something, Clay was all over it.  The end result is a great looking, functional website that is easy to operate from the back end.” – Matt Chan | CrossFit Verve

CrossFit Helix | Case Study

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“From the early stages of planning the opening our box, having anything less than an amazing website was just not an option.

With a lot of experience in marketing and graphic design, I spend a lot of time making things look and sound great. A functional, clean and easy-to-navigate website is what we were looking for and is exactly what we got. We really wanted to create a site that our current members would visit on a daily basis to view the daily WOD, but after only a month has evolved into much more. Our members not only rely on our site so they are prepared for the daily WOD, but rely on our site for relevant CrossFit-related information so they can feel a part of the CrossFit community in a much broader capacity.

With 70% of our web traffic generated from returning visits to our site, there is no doubt that the time and money we spent on building our website is not only a value-added benefit to our clients, but to our potential clients as well. In fact, rarely do we have someone that walks through our doors that has not yet visited our website and almost every inquiry we get comes from an email through our site and not a phone call.

Whether you’re opening a box, or thinking about re-designing your box’s current website, make no mistake that Clay and his team will provide you with a website beyond your expectations. In a time where the sport of CrossFit is reaching insurmountable heights and the competition in your city is likely heating up, the secret is out and people want to know what CrossFit is all about. Don’t lose a potential client in a sea full of bad websites; hire 321GoProject and make it obvious you are the best box in town!” – Jamie Dennis | Partner, CrossFit Helix
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