With the debut of their trailblazing coaching app, SH//FT tapped us to forge a unified brand from the merger of two distinct entities. At the heart of their mission—melding human performance, breathwork, yoga, and elite athletic training into one seamless identity. Our task: weave together varied online personas and brand facets without diluting the unique influencers at the brand’s core.




UI/UX Designer
Brand Strategy


Brand Integration
Website Redesign
App Development

About The Project

Relaunching SH//FT wasn’t just a redesign—it was a cultural synthesis, merging two different vibes into one solid brand. Our strategy sculpted a digital space that speaks to a kaleidoscope of followers yet sings in a singular, harmonious voice.

The interface we crafted supports their diverse services with crystal clarity and effortless navigation, boosting the overall digital feel. This project delicately balanced individual flair within a cohesive brand story, mirroring SH//FT’s holistic ethos in health and peak performance.

This strategic fusion not only lifted their profile but also smoothed out the digital experience for users, paving the way for a seamless interaction across all platforms.