OME Gear


Led by visionary women, OME Gear unveils the ultimate outdoor ally—the 5-in-1 ultra-durable camping chair and gear hauler. Drawing on a family patent, a founder reimagined her father’s legacy with fresh innovations. Our design captures the product’s rugged adaptability set against nature’s calm, striking a chord with the wild-hearted.




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About The Project

For OME Gear, our mission was to bottle the thrill of adventure and the promise of endurance. We meticulously shaped a design strategy that highlights the product’s versatility and resilience, paired with visuals that whisper of quiet natural retreats. This blend not only showcases the product’s prowess but also connects with those who breathe outdoor air.

The website is a gateway to the great outdoors, beckoning users to discover the many faces of the gear while navigating an easy shopping journey. This project showcases our knack for intertwining solid product design with an engaging online tale, capturing the essence of innovation and a legacy that OME Gear’s trailblazing leaders carry forward.