VIBE Fitness, nestled in an active retirement community in New Jersey, reimagines workout routines for spirited seniors. Our digital design echoes the dynamism and inclusivity of VIBE’s gym space. We prioritized simplicity and accessibility, sculpting a website that’s easy for all tech skill levels yet stylish and contemporary.




Designer & Developer
Accessibility Consultant


Website Design
Accessibility Optimization

About The Project

Tackling VIBE Fitness’s interface meant balancing senior-friendly functionality with sleek design, mirroring the gym’s upscale, energetic vibe. The site pulses with images of active seniors in yoga poses, lifting weights, and enjoying the outdoors, all underscoring a sense of community and wellness.

We amplified this visual appeal with large fonts, high contrast for easy reading, and streamlined navigation. Added tech like screen reader support and keyboard-friendly browsing makes sure everyone can join the fitness revolution.

This project stands as a testament to our dedication to inclusive design, ensuring the fitness wave touches every generation, digitally encapsulating VIBE’s mission to foster a gym community that’s as vibrant as its members.