GB Charleston


For Gracie Barra Charleston, a titan in the Jiu Jitsu world, we crafted a digital dojo that marries tradition with cutting-edge design. Our mission: forge a sleek, welcoming interface that captivates both old-school fighters and rookies.

With smart automations like dynamic class schedules and instant CRM updates, we’ve streamlined the grind for the academy’s guardians, letting them focus on the art, not the paperwork.




UI/UX Design


Website Design
CRM Integration
Automation Solutions


About The Project

Gracie Barra Charleston’s digital makeover was all about balancing the revered with the revolutionary. We refined the UI to be inviting, not daunting, making sure every newcomer steps through the virtual gates with ease.

Behind the scenes, automated class schedules and CRM connections cut through administrative clutter, boosting the academy’s efficiency. This project isn’t just a facelift; it’s a strategic enhancement of tradition with tech, empowering the academy to thrive and preserve its martial arts legacy in the digital age.”