Your website is the online version of your gym.

People will decide within 5-10 seconds if they want to give you their business… or not. Gone are the days where you can get away with an unprofessional website. If your site does not look solid and is easy to use, you are losing potential clients. Guaranteed.

We all know our website has a lot of work to do in a short amount of time. But most of us don’t give it the attention it needs to make sure it’s accomplishing its purpose.

This month our Hub and blog focus is all on websites. In last week’s blog post we provided 5 Reasons a Solid Website is Important. You have to know that it’s important to have a rock solid website before you’ll actually focus on yours to make it better.

In this blog post, we will walk through the essential elements of a strong lead-generating website and how to make sure each is included.

First things first, find someone you trust who will be completely honest with you. Now, have them do the “10 second test” on your website. The 10 second test involves answering these 4 questions:

  • What is this site about? This can be communicated through logo, slogan, and the content copy you choose.
  • Does it capture my interest? Is it an up-to-date design that seems well thought out? Do the images evoke some sort of emotion?
  • What am I supposed to do? Is there a clear call to action (CTA)?
  • Do I want to share this experience? Is it a compelling enough message that one of their first thoughts is to share it with someone else?

If your honest friend struggles to answer two or more of these, it’s likely time to revisit your site design.

Once you complete the 10 second test, dive a little deeper to see if your website includes these 9 essential elements:

  1. Built for the first time visitor – You can’t convince them. They must convince themselves. Design is important, but words are what sells your services.
  2. Has a captivating one-liner that describes the service you offer. This can be created by answering these 3 questions – “What is the problem most of your potential clients have?”, “What is the product/service you offer that solves their problem?, and “What’s the resolution your client will experience by using your service?”
  3. Uses quality images of happy people. Your site should visually display what success looks like by coming to your gym. Capture those moments once someone feels like they fit in. high five, supportive, hanging out after the wod, mobility, outside the gym.
  4. Tells success stories – people love to envision themselves in the stories of success that you tell.
  5. Includes social proof – highlighting local, reputable companies you work with builds trust.
  6. Is a good user experience, on both mobile and desktop. It’s unacceptable how many people still have not optimized their website for the mobile experience.
  7. Has a clear CTA with an easy way to take the next step. Most sites are missing a CTA. Getting Started is not a CTA. Your CTA should be on every page.
  8. Has scheduling software. Do you make it super simple for someone to schedule an appointment with you through your website?
  9. Is decluttered. Less is more, remember main goal of building for first time visitor. People get confused with too many options. Avoid the curse of knowledge. Cut down on the number of pages.

How does your website measure up with this list?  If these essential elements aren’t included, you are losing leads… most likely every day.

A small investment into a solid website will pay you dividends in the future.

Here are two tools we have to help:

  1. Access to Hub – this month in Hub, our focus is all about making sure you have a lead-generating website. 321Go Founder, Clay Weldon, has created an extensive video course with a checklist to walk you through the essentials of a solid website. For access to this course (and all of Hub), sign up for only $10 for your first month today! No strings attached or commitments needed… you like it, you stay; you don’t, you cancel.  
  2. A FREE website audit. Click here to schedule a call with us and we’ll walk through your website with you to tell you the good components and the things you can improve to make it more effective.


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