Your landing page has one rule. To get people to take ONE action, not multiple.

If you ask visitors to do a lot of things, most of the time visitors leave doing nothing. That’s not good.

In the past few weeks, we shared some solid info on creating the best conversion landing pages.

Today, we want to share the 12 Things to AVOID on your landing page:

  1. Assumptions: Don’t make them. Put yourself in their shoes. Try to anticipate their questions, then answer them. Clearly and simply.
  2. Too much copy. Keep it simple and to the point. Typically, your main goal is to get them in the door. It won’t happen with too much content. Guaranteed. We all lead very busy lives. We are skimmers of content. Make it easy to do just that.
  3. No Popups on your landing page. Very important. Don’t distract your visitor by giving them another option.
  4. Doesn’t load quickly. Make sure your landing page loads within a couple seconds. People will leave if they have to wait long.
  5. Cluttered Design. Simplicity is key to good design. Remember white space, less copy, and a good photo supporting your Call To Action.
  6. No business logo on your landing page. Don’t forget to make sure your gym logo is on the landing page. Visitors need to make sure they are in the right place. This is overlooked often.
  7. Social media icons on your landing page. You may think you want them on your page, but the last thing you want is to give visitors a reason to click away from your website. Remove them.
  8. Boring or Long Headline. You will lose visitors so fast if the first thing they read or see is something super long and bland. This is probably the most important part of your landing page. Spend time getting this right.
  9. Your photo doesn’t match your offer. The goal here is for anyone to look at your photo and tell what the offer is. We’ve also found video works even better. Grab your iPhone and create a short 1-3 minute video highlighting your offer so people can see your personality and spend more time engaging on your landing page.
  10. Not mobile friendly. I know this sounds like a given, but you’d be surprised how many people think of this after it’s too late.
  11. No social proof. It’s one thing for you as the gym owner to talk about your offer, it’s another to have other people who have had previous success with your service or product. This third party validation works so much better. To do this, include a short one sentence testimonial with a headshot and name attached.
  12. Using the word, “Submit” on your form. Don’t recommend it. Make your button action oriented, something like, Schedule your Free Consult or Download your Free Ebook.

As we round out our month focusing on creating solid landing pages and Facebook ads that produce leads, remember these articles are just a taste of what our Hub offers on a monthly basis. We dive in much deeper and provide you with a community of peers and experts who are ready and willing to answer your questions so you take these principles and apply them to your gym.

Need help with your landing pages, marketing or website?  It’s what we’ve been doing in this industry for 6+ years and we’ve helped 1,000+ gyms. Schedule a free call with us at your convenience by clicking on this link. We look forward to talking with you!


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