There’s a lot of talk about landing pages and the importance of them for the successful marketing of your business.

But… what if you have no idea what “landing page” really even means?

We’re here to help. For the month of July, our blog articles will follow the theme that we’re focused on in Hub – Landing Pages and Paid Ads.

So let’s break down the basics first of Landing Pages and create a foundation for the weeks to come.

In this article, we’ll talk about 3 things: 1) What is a landing page? 2) How is it different from a home page or another page on your website? and, 3) What is a landing page used for?

Then, in following articles, we’ll get deeper into the world of landing pages and paid ads, so that you feel like you have enough of an education to be dangerous to start creating your own landing pages.

What is a Landing Page?

First, let’s define it. A landing page is a single web page that allows you to get visitor’s information through a form they fill out. This form is called a lead-capture form or a conversion form. This form is on a stand alone page that is designed for a specific marketing campaign and purpose.

So, for example, you have an e-book on your website, similar to this:

The purpose of the e-Book is to capture someone’s name and email address, while providing something valuable that an ideal client would want. So, when they click on “Claim the Free Guide”, it takes them to this landing page where you will capture their info prior to sending them their e-Book. You now have their name and email address so you can follow up.

This image above represents a Landing Page, not a page on your website. A page designed to capture information and track who is downloading your content.

A good landing page targets a specific audience, inviting them to download a piece of content, or take advantage of a free trial, or provide them with something that is of value to them. Creating a landing page, instead of sending them directly to your website, allows you to target your ideal client, offer them something of value, and convert a higher number of visitors into leads, while getting their contact information so you can see what they clicked on, and then follow up.

How is a Landing Page Different from a Home Page or Another Page on Your Website?

A home page is designed for exploration so that the potential client can learn more about you. It has a general purpose… to lead someone to other pages on your site so they can get a picture and feel of your business prior to coming to check you out.

A landing page has one purpose, and one purpose alone. And that is to provide one call to action. “Join our challenge.” “Download this e-Book.” “Schedule a Call.”

What is a Landing Page Used For?

A landing page can accomplish any number of goals related to a specific marketing campaign and the growth of your business. Here are a few of those goals:

To generate leads. It is far easier to generate leads by providing one special offer that appeals to your target audience.

To understand your potential client’s demographic information. It’s important to know where your leads are coming from, what is of most interest to them, and what are their pain points.

To test and provide insight into which offers are most effective. Tracking online traffic data is critical for any savvy business owner. You need to know what works, who’s clicking, and what you need to change in order to convert more sales.

To create focus and clarity. Having landing pages removes distractions. Your homepage and other pages on your website offer many options – click here, go there – but a landing page culls it down to one offer.

To force visitors to make a decision. When a visitor gets to your landing page, they only have one decision. Fill out their info, or move on.

Business aren’t utilizing landing pages enough.

Many businesses think it makes sense to just drive traffic to your website, but in today’s world, that’s definitely not the best strategy.

A successful landing page turns an online visitor into a paying customer. And that’s our goal, right?

In Hub this month we’ve launched a course that takes you through the a to z of setting up Landing Pages. Check it out today!