m3logov1For the past few months I’ve had the privilege of being a part of a Mastermind group. It’s become one of the highlights of my week because I get to join together with 8 very smart people to talk business… and get real. Not the surface-y chit chat that happens at networking meetings, but real conversations about challenges, opportunities, and solutions that will propel our respective businesses forward. Joining this group has been – hands down – one of best decisions I’ve made as a business owner.

And as an added bonus of being in this group where everything remains confidential, I’m developing lasting friendships with some really amazing people.

Mastermind groups are a relatively new concept for many, even though it was 80 years ago that Napoleon Hill solidified the concept and gave it its name in his book Think and Grow Rich. A whole chapter of this fantastic book was devoted to the importance of being in a mastermind group if you genuinely want to be successful.

Another exceptional book that is worth reading is The Slight Edge. In it, the author says, “Successful people are always asking, “Who am I spending time with?” Are they the people who best represent where I want to be headed?” Successful people form powerful relationships with positive people; they join mastermind groups, work with those people regularly, and take them seriously.”

The benefits of being a part of a mastermind group are profound. If everyone truly understood how it could transform their business, there would be no question whether the investment of time and money was worth it.

7 benefits I’ve realized from being in this group in just a few short months:

Confidence that comes from the knowledge that other people are “in it” with me. There is nothing about running a business that is easy. And the challenges double when you feel like you’re doing it alone. A mastermind group reminds you each week that you’ve got a team of people behind you who understand and are in it with you.

Ability to admit and talk through fears, and begin to replace those with action. Running a business is often scary, and anyone who says otherwise is lying. Every day, people are counting on you to lead them and grow something that they can benefit from. A mastermind group helps to minimize these fears, doubts, worries and apprehensions because you are able to say them out loud in a safe place.

Gain insights from others in the trenches of business ownership. Business owners are a different breed of people. They think differently, they react differently, they have different “problems”, they celebrate different wins. If you’re not a business owner, all that probably doesn’t make sense. But if you are, you know exactly what I mean. To be surrounded weekly by like-minded people is worth its weight in gold.

Get the collective wisdom of many. Having one business coach is great and there’s certainly a need for this type of help, but being able to tap into the power of a mastermind group with all their combined knowledge and experience is exponentially different (and in my opinion, typically better). One person never has all the answers. The counsel of many is wise.

Others brainstorm a solution with you. I’ve often found myself staring at my computer, wondering what I should do next. I can only brainstorm new ideas so much by myself. When I add 8 other people, the brainstorming gets really fun. There is nothing like navigating through challenges using the collective brainpower of others to arrive at a great solution.

Accountability and direction. Maybe you’re different than me and you don’t need someone to hold you accountable to do what you say you’re going to do. But, when I have accountability stuff actually gets done. Being a part of a mastermind group is a powerful tool in your toolkit that keeps you grounded, laser-focused, and on target with your goals.

Permission to think bigger. Being in a mastermind group forces you out of your comfort zone and gives you permission to dream big. When you meet consistently with like-minded people who are doing great things, you can’t help but think bigger and stretch beyond your self-imposed limits and boundaries.

My business (and my personal life) will absolutely be different this year because of my weekly interaction with this powerful group.  

Tired of spinning your wheels and feeling like you’re not getting where you want to go?

Remember this – as long as there is breath in your body, it’s never too late to change your story.

Mastermind groups can often be expensive to join; but here at 321GoProject, we’ve worked hard to create an affordable option so that anyone who wants to can benefit from them. We’re excited to announce a new offering called, MOMENTUM Master Minds (M3). These small groups of like-minded gym owners will be no more than 6-7 people plus one of our 321Go Business Coaches, and will commit to meeting weekly to provide insight and accountability, share resources, and strengthen and grow businesses.

We are offering a limited beta launch of M3 with a reduced $99/month cost, plus your current Hub Monthly (because the groups will be utilizing the resources offered in Hub, you must first have a Hub monthly membership to join). So, for example… if you are currently paying $49 for Hub and add M3, your fee will be $148 per month. Once this limited beta launch is complete, the monthly M3 cost to join will increase. 

These groups will start February 2017.

If interested in hearing more, either check out this link to see a short video or click here to schedule a quick call with us. We’d love to talk with you!

Tired of doing the same things, the same way, and hoping for different results? Yeah, I was too.

A M3 group may just be what you need to take your business to the next level.


-This post was written by Julie Weldon (julie@321goproject.com)