A Huge Summit Thanks and a Big Ask From 321Go Founder, Clay Weldon

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One Summit, Three Days, 3000+ Attendees, 25 Speakers, A Sore Bum, And A Desire To Give Up.

Yes, a desire to give up on:

  • Keeping up with the incredible non stop work pace that seems to be the norm
  • Worrying about what our competition is doing and instead focus on pursuing what we were meant to accomplish
  • Perfecting our product/service/summit before it gets launched, knowing there will always room to improve
  • Trying to convince someone of anything. Sometimes they are just not a good fit, but if we are crystal clear on our why, many others will be that good fit.
  • Starting my day without having it planned out first
  • Wanting to be more educated, creative, realistic, strategic, confident, etc., etc. before attacking the next big goal. It’s not the smartest people in the room that get shit done, it’s always the ones who know what they want to accomplish in life, determine there is no plan b, commit and execute. One step at a time.

If you joined us for our 1st Annual Gym Owners Growth Summit, we thank you sincerely. Please keep reading till the bottom for a BIG ask.

Whether you were one of our amazing twelve partners, 26 speakers, or one of the 3060 attendees, this wouldn’t have happened without you.

When we initially starting dreaming of the Summit idea, we decided if we got 500 gym owners to sign up, it would be a success. Little did we know the momentum that would take shape and that we would get over a quarter of all the gyms in our community to sign up.

After engaging with many of the speaker interviews and all the Q&A’s with each speaker, here are my three big takeaways:

  1. Time is both your friend and your enemy. Frienemy:)

Just like it takes a long time to build muscle strength, there’s no difference in your business. Building strong, successful businesses just takes time. The experience you gain by “doing the work” each day builds on itself and prepares you for bigger decisions down the road.

Time is also the enemy because there is always tomorrow or so we think. We tend to put off what we “should” do for what we “need” to do. Coach a class, answer emails, clean the gym, the list goes on. These are necessary but won’t help move the needle in our success. We need to fill our days with assessing,  planning, and then execution. So let’s get serious about our businesses and give them the respect they deserve.

  1. If you are not clear, I mean, really crystal clear on your Why, you should stop what you are doing and figure it out. Like now.

If you want to be just another gym in your area, then disregard this point. But if you truly want to be “world class” as Ben Bergeron says, you must know your Why, so you can lead effectively and make decisions based on it.  Your team, coaches, and members need a leader who knows where they are heading, otherwise there will be no direction.

  1. The Summit speakers are no different than you and I. Well, then again, maybe they are.

Each one of the speakers we interviewed had a fire in their bellies and an unmistakeable drive to be their best. They do what they say they are going to do, don’t let obstacles stop them, are not afraid to ask for help realizing they are not always the smartest in the room. Laziness is not in their vocabulary. Many look at them and wonder how they can get so much accomplished with the same amount of time as the rest of us. They are constantly pushing themselves to be the best version of themselves.

We hope you were part of this with us. We have to admit, we are already excited for making next year’s Summit even better.

On that note, if you benefited at all from the Summit, will you do me a big favor and fill out this survey so that we can use your input to make it even better next year?

If you missed some or all of the sessions, we’re offering you a 30 Day Summit Pass for only $69. With that purchase, you’ll get access to all Summit sessions, both in video and mp3 format. And, if you sign up today by 5pm (CT), you’ll get all the bonuses: 2 done for you marketing campaigns, and a chance to win a 10×10 awesome gym tent with your logo.

Go get ‘em!


11 Quick Tips You Should Be Using on Instagram

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Do you feel confident in your Instagram usage?  If not, keep reading for a few basic tips…

Continuing with this month’s Hub theme of Content Marketing and Social Media, we want to unpack Instagram a little bit. In this blog post, we’ll focus on hashtags and how to use them to benefit your Instagram strategy and growth.

First of all, if you don’t yet have an Instagram account for your gym, go ahead and set one up today. In this day and age, most of your target market will be on Instagram so it’s a great way to keep up with your members and reach more people.  

Now that you’ve got your business account set up, here are some tips to follow when posting to Instagram:

  1. Always write a fun, but brief caption. Include just enough info to make them want to read, and if you can make them smile or laugh when reading, even better.
  2. Use hashtags, but use them sparingly. Instagram allows you to add up to 30. It’s best if you keep it between 3-7 but do your best to not use more than 10 in any post. You don’t want your posts to be perceived as spam, so research says less than 7 hashtags is optimal.
  3. Create a custom hashtag for your gym. Make it something fun that conveys the vibe of your culture, and then use it on all your posts.
  4. Use your hashtags creatively in your caption. E.g. we drove through #chicago to check out a #crossfit gym on the #westside.
  5. Save your list of frequently used hashtags in the notes app of your phone so you can just copy and paste any time you need it.
  6. Make use of throwback hashtags. Kick it back in time by using the hashtags #tbt and #latergram.
  7. Use #regram. Follow your members and then repost their content by using hashtag #regram and then their @accountname. Download the app Repost to make your reposting a breeze.
  8. Always tag people in your photos. Tag them in your caption, and tag them as well on the photo.
  9. Encourage your members to tag you on all their posts. This will be a great way to increase awareness of your gym, but will also allow you to keep up with things they’ve got going on.
  10. If you’re hosting an event, make a unique hashtag for that event, and encourage anyone connected to the event to use that hashtag.
  11. Use Instagram Stories. This is a great way to reach a broader audience, showcase your gym’s culture and personality and promote your services. Check out this great article for tips on using Instagram Stories effectively.

Using these 11 tips will help you get the most from your Instagram account.


Our focus this month in Hub is all about Social Media & Content Marketing. We’ve got video courses in Hub that teach you how to maximize your content creation efforts so that you’re continuing to establish your expertise in your corner of this world. Check out a month of Hub for only $10!



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8 Easy Ways To Create Content Like A Pro

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Here’s the thing about content marketing… it just doesn’t get results overnight. Which is precisely the reason why so many don’t do it consistently.

In this “quick fix” world, we want results… yesterday.

But that doesn’t eliminate the need for creating content if you own a business.

Creating content stretches us and gets our creative juices flowing. Content tells a story that otherwise most likely gets lost.

Content allows you to make your voice heard above the noise to the people you want to attract. Content demonstrates your expertise in a particular field.

We hear the term “content marketing” all the time, but what exactly does it mean?  Marketing expert Neil Patel offers a helpful definition in terms we all can understand, ”Content marketing is a long-term strategy, based on building a strong relationship with your target audience, by giving them high-quality content that is very relevant to them on a consistent basis.”

Those phrases in bold are key:

Long-term strategy,

building a strong relationship,

high-quality content,

that is relevant,


Now, more than ever, people are “putting it out there” with videos, quotes, blog posts, Facebook posts, #tbt’s, Instagram pics, you name it. Never before has it been easier to join the chorus of content because with social media, the barrier to entry is lower than ever.

So, have you joined the crowds? Are you consistently posting content, and establishing your expertise?

Or, are you like many we’ve talked with who only publish content once (maybe twice) a month. To them, creating content feels like a huge hurdle to overcome. An all too common statement we hear, “I know I ’should’, but I can’t seem to get started.”  

Creating content doesn’t have to be a task that paralyzes you. You just need to start. And then develop the rhythm of consistency. 

To get you started, we’ve come up with a list of different content creation ideas to help your creative juices flow:

  • Tell your members stories. Believe it or not, you are not the hero of your business’ story. Your customers are (or should be) the hero. Do you know what really makes your clients tick? Where they’ve come from? Why they’ve chosen to make a life change now? The things that really interest them outside of your four walls? Start asking questions, really listen, and begin to unearth the golden nuggets that are right in front of you. Celebrate. Enter in. And publish. As you begin to tell their stories, your business will take on a personal feel that will be infectious.
  • Capture a quick video of a coach or member. You don’t have to professionalize these videos. Often, the more raw, the better. There are many options for these videos – demonstrating a movement, celebrating a PR, introducing a new member or coach, highlighting an event… the sky’s the limit. Think outside the box.
  • Answer questions. Start a list on your computer or phone of all the questions the people you impact (and those you’d like to impact) might want to know about.  Whatever comes to mind, jot it down. There are no wrong topics. Take 20 minutes and try to write down 50. Then just continue to add to the list as things come to mind. If easier, you can write big categories (nutrition, health, fitness, community, etc.) then break those down into topics. Once you have a good list, step away from it for a bit, then come back to it and choose the ones that stand out.  You were new to CrossFit once. Think of the questions you had back then.
  • Use hashtags. If you don’t already have one, create a gym hashtag and then start using it all the time, on everything. Also, as your members to start using the hashtag and tagging you when they do any posts that relate to their health and fitness. You can use the app Repost to share and celebrate the things your members are interested and involved in.
  • Take (and share) lots of pictures. Capture the essence of the kind of business you want to build through pictures. Do you have a gym dog? Is there a place where most congregate? Are there close-up face shots of people mid-workout that you can shoot? Is there a piece of equipment that everyone dreads? Caption these images with sayings your people can connect with.  
  • Pay attention. Start taking notice of things around you. If you are living a life “aware”, you will begin to see blog post after blog post beginning to take shape in your mind. These posts don’t have to be long, just capture what you see to inspire others.
  • Use Canva to create motivational quotes with images. Everybody loves a little motivational nugget every now and then. Make it good, and it’ll get shared.
  • Write about you. Certainly not all the time, but if you’re the leader, people do want to know you. They want to be let into your world – to know what makes you happy, to know what your struggles are. To know that you are a real person with real feelings. Let your personality shine through. Sprinkle this into your content calendar like a spice – not too much, but enough to give good flavor.

The key to this is to do something. Start small. Make a plan and stick to it. Again, consistency is key.

Content creation is an incredible, inexpensive way to expand your reach. Use it as a tool in your toolbox to build something people are proud to be a part of.


Our focus this month in Hub is all about Social Media & Content Marketing. We’ve got video courses in Hub that teach you how to maximize your content creation efforts so that you’re continuing to establish your expertise in your corner of this world. Check out a month of Hub for only $10!



Also… if you haven’t registered yet for the 1st Annual Gym Owner’s Growth Summit, do so today!!  It’s FREE and it’s 3 days of content from some of the greatest minds in our industry!!


5 Tips & Tricks To Get Found Online

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We’ve spent the month of August in Hub focused on SEO and getting found when people are looking online. We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again…

It’s virtually pointless to invest time and money into a website if you’re not also going to invest time and money into making sure that website gets found.

It’s a little like having a mailbox, but not putting an address on it. You’re probably not going to get much mail.

Matt Scanlon, founder and owner of CrossFit Memorial Hill has done the work with SEO, using the SEO resources provided by Josh Sturgeon in Hub. Because of that, he now shows up everywhere online when people are looking in his area for a gym, or fitness, or nutrition, or anything to do with the services he offers.

We asked him to give us the top 5 things he drilled down on when getting himself ranked high in the Google searches. The list below is his Cliff Notes version of where you should focus your efforts for the biggest bank for your buck. He even ranked them according to Cost, Time, and Technical Know-How (1 being low, 5 being high).

Most Impactful Things To Focus On For Overall Rankings:

1. Reviews – Cost: 0 | Time: 1 | Technical Know-How: 1

Reviews are singlehandedly the most important thing you can do to show up online. We wrote another article on why they are so important. If you focus on nothing else, focus on this.


 – If you have a a lot of drop-in’s, offer their 2nd drop in free with a Google review.

 – If you’ve done (or are doing) the Bingo game, make “leave a review” a square.

 – Simply ask your members… they most likely think you’re pretty great!

 – Biggest thing: Create a system for getting reviews.


2. NAP: Name, Address & Phone Number – Cost: 0-2 | Time: 4 | Technical Know-How: 2

Google doesn’t like inconsistency. If you have different addresses in different places, it confuses Google. Even down to if you have “Street” in one place and “St.” in another. Make sure you use the exact same address anywhere you show up.

Tip: Use https://moz.com/local to get a score for your consistency. You can then opt to go and change everything manually or pay to have Moz do it for you (in Matt’s opinion, it’s worth paying for).


3. Local Listings – Cost: 0-2 | Time: 5 | Technical Know-How: 2

This is, basically, just getting your website on other local websites – Chamber of Commerce, fitness center listings, City Visitors page – ANYTHING you can think of. This will take a tremendous amount of time on your part.

Tip: If you have free interns – set them to this task. If not, pay the money to have Whitespark.ca do it for you. It’s a few bucks a listing and well worth your time. Their set-up doc takes a long time, but they use it for any projects going forward. (again, Matt’s opinion, it’s worth the cost)


4. Guest Blog Articles – Cost: 0 | Time: 4 | Technical Know-How: 3

Is there a local website that gets a TON of traffic?  If so, ask them if you can submit some content for them. Establish your expertise. Or, if you’re not a writer, have one of your coaches write something.

Tip: Make sure that your website is listed in the content or your bio.


5. Yoast SEO Premium Plugin – Cost: 2 | Time: 5 | Technical Know-How: 4

This is a last line of defense. You can optimize pages and blogs with this plugin, but it can feel a bit tedious and overwhelming if you’re not comfortable on WordPress and with blogging.

Tip: If you don’t have a regular blog, don’t bother here, focus on #1-4 first.


These tips are not magic bullets, but they do work if you’re disciplined to make them happen. And you will see, there is a good amount of low-hanging fruit that you will find if you commit yourself to doing the work.

Want step-by-step help? We’ve got and handful of exceptional video courses in Hub that teach you how to optimize your website so that you get found, every time. Check them out for only $10 for the first month of Hub.



Also… if you haven’t registered yet for the 1st Annual Gym Owner’s Growth Summit, do so today!!  It’s FREE and it’s 3 days of content from some of the greatest minds in our industry!!

How One Gym Owner Went From Burnout to Thriving

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Melissa Smith, owner of 3 Peaks CrossFit in Madras, OR is a special person. She’s seen her fair share of challenges since she made the choice to open her own gym a few years ago. We thought you might be able to relate to her story, so we asked her to write a guest blog post. What follows is her honest, heartfelt encouragement to you that you’re not alone. It’s lengthy but if you’re feeling discouraged or on the verge of burnout, or just need some encouragement from someone who “gets it”, it’s worth every minute of your time…

From Mel…

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. Ok, it’s down right rough and certainly not for the weary at heart.

It takes a deep resolve in every bit of your being, and dedication to persevere no matter how rough the waters get. You know that saying by Bob Marley, “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have?”  I think that phrase pretty much sums up this last season of my life.

When I was first asked to write a guest blog, my first thought was…

Who would want to hear my story? Would anyone even read it?

But then this overwhelming feeling came over me, that I’m not alone in this journey. If there is even one business owner out there that gets even an inch of hope from my story and my journey, then I would gladly share it to give them hope!

My life over the last few years has felt like a Rocky movie. Seriously. Get knocked down, fight like hell, and get back up to continue taking the punches life may throw. Ha, shoot, even as I type this I’m watching Rocky Balboa (love that movie). I’m not a quitter, but geez it sure was tempting at times. I by no means want to whine on and on about the difficulties I was faced with, but I would like to give you some background for context.

My CrossFit journey began in 2009, before CrossFit was as popular in our area. My husband and I totally fell in love with the challenge in training. I was the Operations Manager at a local gym, and a Personal Trainer. Shortly thereafter, we found ourselves opening a Box with friends and starting our journey as “gym” owners.

We loved every aspect of our Box, but soon realized the “partnership” aspect was not working at all, so we sold our share to them in 2011 and moved on to the next season. Thinking we were done with gym ownership, we built a house in the middle of the woods, and created a rad garage gym that we could kick our own butts in. I found my comfort zone and decided to stay there.

However, my journey as an entrepreneur was far from over.

In 2013 my husband Claude and I found ourselves face to face with the opportunity and renewed passion to bring CrossFit to our home town of Madras, about 40 minutes from our home. One thing you must know about us, as a team, we are unstoppable. We aren’t afraid of hard work and always finish what we start.

3 Peaks CrossFit was born with a passion to change lives – mind, body and spirit – and to create a legacy that would change the cultures of our community and beyond. We faced a heart break before even having our doors open with the death of my brother-in-law. But once again, we pushed through and had our grand opening in Jan. 2014.

This is where we met 321GoProject. We had Clay build our website and during that time, he gave me the best piece of advice. To summarize, he said, whatever I do, just be consistent. Whether it was a blog, or posting WODs, just be consistent with what I do.

Such great advice for a new business owner; sadly, I didn’t do a very good job following it though.

Thus began the hard work, long drives every day, early mornings, late nights and digging deep. With Claude having a full time job, he helped with the before work classes, and after work stuff, and I did the rest. I can honestly tell you, we lived on adrenaline, coffee and a strong passion to help others. That’s great and all for a sprint, but not for longevity.

I had no clue what was about to come our way.

I fully believe that when you are operating where you are called to, trials are inevitable. Those trials are never easy, but we do have a choice for how we handle everything. For 2 years we pushed hard, teaching every class, running every 1-1 training session. Trying to spread a passion for fitness, pouring out of an empty tank, inspiring, and pretty much not getting a break. I didn’t have much time for anything else.

We went into 2016 with drive and hope on the outside, but exhaustion and a high level of stress inside.

During that year, our lives included financial stresses, job loss, transition of our oldest graduating high school and moving to college, a serious car accident where I suffered a shoulder sprain and vertical whiplash, and finishing the year up with relationships lost, proved to test our emotions, marriage, family, and our hope.

I was flat-lined – mentally, emotionally, and physically. I lost my vision, in fact, I can tell you that physically my visual clarity was toast because of exhaustion. It was noticeable to everyone around us.

Our business plateaued, suffered really, as any would. We were operating it out of an empty tank. I was doing everything, but doing nothing well. I was a monkey with a machine gun, putting out fires, and hoping not to piss too many people off.

I can remember telling Claude that I felt like I was barely surviving, not thriving, but for whatever reason, I had zero clue what I could do to change it. All I could see was strife, stress, and failure. After watching our membership dip to a record low, I found myself in a place where I had no choice but face our situation and make a choice. Step away and allow myself to be defeated, or try something different. Not once in my life have I ever given up, but I didn’t see an end to the hits we were taking. This time, I got up because of the help of a community who unsuspectingly yelled, “Get Up.”

Enter 321GoProject again.

I saw an email about the HUB and thought (hoped) I could possibly glean some much needed help, so despite the fact that I didn’t know if I could afford it or not, I joined HUB and was so shocked at the resources available to me. It was kind of my “last ditch effort”. I’m a learner at heart, always have been.

Any opportunity that I get to be taught something, I take it. Even if I’m not very good at something, I make baby steps to getting better and continuing to learn. I began to see some hope, not in the stresses of life changing, but for our business. I was getting some direction for my business yes, but really, for my life. It gave me some hard truths, shook me up and made me get focused.

I started reading books, listening to podcasts, and getting my hands on things that would help me be better at business yes, but more so to help me be the best version of me possible. One of the resources I read was Entrepreneur or Wantrepreneur by John Fosco and Cory Gregory. It was real, raw, and to the point.

Was I an entrepreneur, or a wantrepreneur? They are entirely 2 different things.

It’s the difference between running your CrossFit affiliate as a business or a hobby. It was a deep question, which I had to process and think on for a bit. I really had to search my heart, search my motives, and search my reasons. There was a moment, in listening to that book, when I had a “Heck Yes I’m an entrepreneur” moment rise up in me. Even if I wasn’t clear on what to do next, I knew I was made for this.

Up until this point, I hadn’t paid ourselves 1 dime. Yep you heard right, I’m “that” business owner.

Blood, sweat, and tears, followed with sacrifice and exhaustion… and I wasn’t even getting paid for it. Wake up call for me came was when I joined a M3 Group and had to confess this to my team. They didn’t judge me; in fact, quite the contrary. I was encouraged, and given some focus, and a challenge… To figure out how to write myself a check and cash it before our next meeting. I LOVE CHALLENGES and when someone who has great insight and wisdom, gave me direction and challenged me to “GET UP” and “knock down doors” until I reached my goals, something stirred in me… No, awakened in me.

I committed right then and there to do whatever it took to reach my goals. To get focused, say no to things that distracted me, and not stop until I reached them. I in no way am saying I am or do everything perfectly. But I have a deep resolve with everything in me to push through.

I had to start with renewing my vision, renewing my WHY. I committed to being a student of business again, to learn and glean what I could to see our original vision even exceed that which we had hoped. With a community of amazing people who I didn’t know well, but looked up to, not because of where they were in their business, but because they had similar struggles as I did, just at varying levels. I saw some light, in a really dark place in my life and business and it helped ignite the diligence I already had inside to keep fighting.

What’s amazing about the 321go Team, is they were the “crowd” in my “Rocky movie story”, cheering me on with words, ideas, education, and so many resources to encourage me to get back up and continue fighting! They were my Micky saying, “You can do it ROCKO”.

“You can do it Mel!”

Having someone believe in you, believe in your mission, your heart, your fight and struggle makes all the difference. It’s the difference between having the strength to get up and throw another punch, to dig deeper, punch harder, with precision; or giving up.

“It ain’t about how hard you get hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

We are all going to take hits in this life. But only you can choose to get back up again.

If you find yourself like I was, deep in a pit, struggling, and losing hope, here are some tips to help you get back up:

1. Remember your Why.

Take a day off, shut off your phone, have a good cry, and remember why you started your business. If you aren’t sure, there are so many resources available to help you even determine what your WHY is? (Start With Why – Simon Sinek, is a great one) Biggest thing you MUST do, is allow yourself to have vision. Without vision, you’ll go nowhere. You may find in this process, that you determine you are more of a wantrepreneur instead of an entrepreneur. It’s ok, you’re not a failure. You’re a great person who loves what you do. There is no shame, only opportunity to put your focus on what you should be doing.

When you remember your WHY, write it down where you can see it every day! Let it be a reminder daily, since life will continue to happen. You’ll need to see it.

2. Find a mentor.

I get it, asking for help isn’t easy. It takes humility, and if you’ve gotten this far, what do you have to lose? 321GoProject was my lighthouse and I can’t say enough amazing things about how they’ve helped me grow as an owner and person. But I know there are more options out there. Find that mentor or accountability partner who can stand by you and offer direction when your vision isn’t clear. Ask questions and seek wise council.

Then take action. Good intentions don’t equal action. If you want change, you have to take action.

3. Think outside the Box.

It’s ok to try new things. Don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t work, try something different. Don’t get down on yourself. Chalk it up, give yourself grace, and keep moving forward.

4. Perfectionism is your enemy.

Waiting until something is perfect is unreasonable. You can analyze something until you become paralyzed, then nothing will get done. Yes, you want to do it right… I get it, but don’t let that need to be perfect stop you from getting anything accomplished.

5. Delegate everything you can.

Make a list of everything you can delegate to someone else (whether it’s one of your coaches, a member of your gym, or outsourcing it). If that’s cleaning your gym, coaching every class, programming, website work, whatever, lessen your plate on the stuff “In” the business so you can focus “On” growing the business. Sure there will be costs, but the return is more than worth it.

6. Know your finances.

I cannot state the importance of this enough. If you’re not operating with a budget, if you don’t know some basic financial numbers for your business how do you expect to grow? You have to know where you are now, in order to move forward. If finances aren’t your thing, get help. The HUB has awesome resources to get you started. Get a bookkeeper, do something to learn about the financial state of your business. Then and only then, can you assess a plan to move forward and grow.

7. Lastly… Take care of you.

If you’re burnt out, barely keeping your head above water because you’re doing everything yourself, there is hope. If you’re not paying yourself, that has to stop today! Yes be reasonable, but if you don’t take care of you, how in the world are you being a good role model for your members at your gym? Seems harsh to say, but it’s so important to hear it. Taking care of you also means saying no to other things, getting your workouts in, getting adequate nutrition (instead of living off of protein shakes or bars), hydration (not talking about coffee here), of course sleep, and finally the biggy… de-stress. Your members are watching you, and you can’t lead from an empty tank. So find an outlet to let stress go, do something fun, laugh more, (even if it’s forced), and do what you need to do to be the best version of you every day.

The biggest thing I can tell you as a business owner, is by doing the work – digging your heels in deep and being resilient to continue on your journey – you will see dividends, both literally and figuratively. You’ll have a bigger impact on others, smile more, and feel so much better. It will not be easy, but when you surround yourselves with like-minded people who hold you accountable, inspire you, and help you move out of your comfort zone, amazing things happen.

Do you hear that? Listen. (Cue the Rocky theme music).

Do you hear your name being chanted? Do you hear their belief in you?

Now is the time for you to believe in yourself, and Get Up! Just like in a WOD, just like when you’re coaching your athletes to keep going, you can do this, just keep moving.

If I can do it, anyone can.

~Mel Smith, info@3peakscrossfit.com
Owner, 3 Peaks CrossFit in Madras, OR


Want more help with this? Check out Hub. This month, we’re focused on helping Hubsters get found online and getting reviews is just one piece of that. For only $10 for the first month, you can get your online “house” in order.


Also… if you haven’t registered yet for the 1st Annual Gym Owner’s Growth Summit, do so today!!  It’s FREE and it’s 3 days of content from some of the greatest minds in our industry!!