Have You Let Yourself Go?

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Do any of these sound like you?

You used to take your significant other out on a date night once a week. You used to keep up with your Quickbooks but now you’re months behind. You used to spend individual time with your kids. You used to work out every day. You used to put money into savings. You used to keep your desk and computer files organized. You used to keep your car clean and vacuumed. You used to… you fill in the blank.

If any of these sound familiar, this is what it looks like to have let yourself go.

All those statements above I know all too well, because (except for the kids part), they are things I recently realized about my own life. Oh sure, to most people I look like I’ve got it together (or at least most of it), but internally I kept hearing myself say things like this… “This thing I’m doing… This series of choices I find myself making every day… They are not working. I’m not who I want to be, or who I know I can be. I don’t like the way I feel. I’m not 100% pleased with how I look. I don’t like some of the things I’m doing. It’s time for a change.”

But just saying those things will get you nowhere except feeling like crap about yourself.

It’s easy to forget the things that are important to us when we are busy. When life takes over, discipline (unfortunately) is usually one of the first things to go. Oh, our intentions are good, but we all know what they say about the road to hell being paved with good intentions…

If you feel like you are “stuck”, more than likely you, like me, have let yourself go in some areas of life.

So, what do you do if you’ve found yourself in a place you don’t want to be?

Four words… Hit the reset button.

When you’re trying to use an outlet and it’s been tripped, you know that it won’t work unless you press the reset button. When your computer gets frozen, only thing that works is to reboot. When you blow a breaker, you need to flip it back. When your browser gets stuck, you hit the refresh button.

Just like all these things, I believe sometimes we don’t work properly.

So, here’s how you hit the reset button…

  1. Determine what’s important to you by asking yourself questions like these:
    • Who are the priority people in your life to spend time with?
    • How much time spent with them equals a quality amount that you’d feel good about?
    • Where do you want to be in your health & fitness?
    • How do you want to show people you appreciate them?
    • Financially, where do you want to be?
    • How important is it to you to have your office, car, house, etc. clean and in order?
    • Is your business running you or are you running your business?
    • How do you focus your mindfulness and/or spirituality?
  2. Define where you are. Now, take that list from above and get out a piece of paper or a notes file on your phone/computer. If you’re not where you want to be, then where exactly would you rather be? Write it out.
  3. Decide how you will be different. If you’ve let yourself go in one area, most likely there are other areas as well that could also use some cobweb cleaning. Find the quick wins. Own where you were. Write down where you want to be. Be bold and unapologetic in your claim.
  4. Take action right now. Schedule a date night with your significant other or kid/s. Schedule time in your calendar to clean your car. Sign up for Quickbooks. Reach out to a mentor (can be paid or not) and get regular time scheduled on the calendar. Take action. Simply put… begin doing the work. One step at a time. 
  5. Create a reminder. Because you’ve gotten out of the habit of being disciplined, even with the best of intentions, it will be easy to slip back into laziness. This is where a reminder – a Post-it note, a rubber band on your wrist, a reminder on your phone, etc. – will come in very handy.

Bottom line is… Stop making excuses.

You only get one shot at this life. And, even if you get to live “full-term”, it’s so very short. Not one person I’ve ever talked with was ok with having regrets.

Since no one else can make changes to your life but you, go ahead and take back your control over your thoughts, decisions, and actions today and start experiencing your potential again.


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10 Reasons You Should Attend The Hubster Gathering

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We want you to be part of our first annual Hubster Gathering, November 17-19, 2017 in Charleston, SC.

10 reasons why:

  1. Our sessions will be very hands-on and interactive in dealing with your specific business. You will leave with an actionable plan of growth for 2018.
  2. The entire 321GoProject team will be there to spend the weekend getting to know you. Oh yeah. 🙂
  3. It’ll be like your favorite gym Facebook group, only in person and on steroids.
  4. You and I both know the feeling of being alone in running a business sucks. Build relationships with other gym owners who can help in your journey.
  5. We’re only taking the first 65 who sign up, which gives you plenty of individual attention to hone in your marketing strategy.
  6. We’ll cover 6 topics: Marketing, Websites, Leadership & Culture, Standard Operating Procedures – Professionalizing Your Business, Onboarding New Athletes, and Staff Development.
  7. We’ve built in lots of time into the schedule to brainstorm ideas with other gym owners just like yourself.
  8. It will be the perfect mixture of business, fun, and hanging out.
  9. Charleston has amazing beer and cocktails (and soda water for those who don’t drink).
  10. If you haven’t been, the city of Charleston, SC is friggin’ awesome. In 2016, Charleston was ranked the “World’s Best City”, and in 2017 it was named the #1 city in the U.S. again, and #2 city in the world by Travel + Leisure.

Check it out and reserve your spot today before it fills up! We literally will guarantee you won’t be disappointed. If for some strange reason you are, we’ll refund your registration fee.

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AND… if those 10 reasons aren’t enough, if you sign up by Wednesday, October 18, 2017, you will get a tee and one of these awesome hoodies.
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Should You Give Things Away For Free?

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We recently wrapped up an online Gym Owners Growth Summit with 3,000+ participants from almost every country in the world. THREE THOUSAND. That’s pretty amazing, especially since we were hoping for 500 this first year. The speakers were the best minds in the industry and they were curated to give some of their most solid advice for growing a gym. Three days of advice from the best. And, the most incredible part about it… it was free (except for the time needed, of course, to attend the sessions).

They say nothing in life is free, but this Summit really was free. Because, here at 321GoProject, we know many gym owners can’t afford all the expenses associated with traveling to a weekend seminar or the costs associated with hiring a mentor to grow their gym. Or, they live in other countries and don’t have as many resources available as we do here in the U.S.

People have a wide range of opinions about free. The majority are thankful, but of course you also have the naysayers. Some of these critics say things like, “People won’t value it if you give it away for free.” or “The content can’t be as good if it’s free.”, or “Paying money holds people accountable to take action.”

While I agree with these sentiments, I also know and have experienced firsthand that when you can give something of high quality away for free, it nurtures a relationship and fosters trust. Good people conclude, “wow, if they’re this committed to giving something of this quality away for free, what value must their paid services offer?”

What if you went into a coffee shop and connection to wi-fi wasn’t free?  Of course it costs the shop something to provide it, so following the arguments above… people wouldn’t value it (or you), or they won’t use it properly, or whatever. But, we all know a coffee shop offering free wi-fi only draws us in and makes us a more loyal consumer than one that doesn’t.

The reality is the challenge of free lies with the person actually receiving the free, not the free itself. (You might want to read that again.) If someone is a GSD (get sh!t done) kind of person, they will understand the value and maximize the potential of what’s being offered, whether it’s free or not. If they are not a GSD kind of person, they will have lots to naysay about why it’s ridiculous to give something away.

What’s more important though is being able to answer the question – does giving something away for free align with your values as a company?

Our values at 321Go are the following:

  1. We learn. We create. We give.
  2. We will be financially sound so we can invest into relationships.
  3. We will never assume because we know that clarity wins.
  4. We will lead by example.
  5. We will be the leader in delivering an incredible client experience.
  6. We will be ethical in our decisions and won’t compromise or take shortcuts.

So, you see, giving something as huge as 3 day access to a Summit fits right in line with a number of our values. When values and actions align, let all the critics say what they will.

Given that, we know many don’t have time to sit for 3 days watching training sessions so we decided to offer a 30 Day Pass for only $69. Literally, hundreds are seeing the crazy value in this.

So, here we are in an industry where, admittedly, many gym owners are incredible people and amazing trainers, but know very little about actually running a gym.

And, for just $69, we’re offering 25 sessions with the experts on how to grow your gym.

I’m not sure if this is for you, but just imagine how your business would change if you committed to watching just 1 session a day for the next month.… You’d have tools on marketing, how to create Facebook ads, creating a strategic plan, how to create videos that convert, how to set up effective retail, what insurance options are right for you, how to set up Profit First in your business, actionable tips on how to hire and how to be a good leader, to name just a few.

Most won’t do this because they will get caught up in the urgent of the day.  And 3 months from now, their business will be the same (or worse).

But for those of you who do, you will have a completely different business 3 months from now for only $69.

To what extent you are willing to suffer or sacrifice or be disciplined to get the growth that you want in your gym?

Sometimes free really is good.