19 Ways to Make Your Week More Productive

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Every business owner at different points in his/her week or month wrestles with how to be more productive. It’s the human struggle that’s even more pronounced in a business owner – wanting to get 25 hours out of a 24 hour day.

Here are a list of 19 things to help you grab the bull by the horns and make this a week of #GSD’ing (getting sh!t done):

  1. Get clear on when you are most productive. First thing in the morning, in the evening when everyone else is asleep, after you’ve had your coffee. Once you’ve nailed this down, do the hard things first during this time when you’re most productive.
  2. Take 10 minutes at the very beginning of the week to determine the big tasks to accomplish for the upcoming week. Going into a week without a plan is like one of your members coming into your gym without a clearly defined workout. Stuff will get done, but not purposeful.
  3. Make a plan and then work the plan. Not having a plan is a massive time suck. Making a plan, and then not executing on it is, well, silly.
  4. Knock out the worst thing on you task list, so you can put it behind you. Things that hang over us that we’re not looking forward to doing just weigh us down. Go ahead and just get them done.
  5. Print out your goals and refer to them often. We are a visual people. Out of sight, out of mind. Make your visual fun. Be creative. Make it something you enjoy looking at, and organized/displayed in a way that motivates you.
  6. Make a to do list. Go out and pick up a fun notebook, that has a spot for a pen. And carry it with you wherever you go (or leave it in your car). Keep a running list as things come to mind.
  7. Touch something once. Respond immediately – to a text, email. If you aren’t planning to respond, delete it.
  8. Give yourself a chunk of time to complete a project. Set a timer and do as much as you can in that amount of time. Then walk away, and pick it back up tomorrow.
  9. Create agendas for every one of your meetings this week. For all scheduled phone calls, face to face meetings, or video meetings, have a clearly formed agenda of what you want to cover and what you hope to be the outcome/s.
  10. Get out of your head. A lot of times things are overwhelming because they just live in our brain. Talk about your ideas to others to clear your mind.
  11. Allow yourself to check Facebook, email, or Instagram, etc. only after you’ve completed something. These things are the biggest time suck of your day. Put some discipline around when you allow yourself to open any of these.
  12. Implement the two-minute rule. I heard about this and loved it. The rule is any action that can be carried out in two minutes or less is completed right away.
  13. Overcome procrastination. We all procrastinate. Whether it’s on the big things, or just the little things. Gathering the info to complete tax returns. Planning out our week. Calling that person back. Writing another blog. If you are serious about hitting your goals, take the steps needed to become a do-it-now person.
  14. Clean up the mess. You know as well as I do that mess creates stress. Clean out the clutter in your office to get more done.
  15. Bring a book with you everywhere you go. This way, when someone is late for an appointment, or you’re in standstill traffic, you’re still learning.
  16. Focus only on the things that you can control. Don’t waste time worrying or thinking about things you can’t control. The negative energy and time spent is a huge time waster. Instead, focus your time on the things you can control that lead you on the path to achieving your goals.
  17. Constantly be looking to better refine your processes and systems.  Or begin right away documenting those processes, if you don’t already have them written down. People like and need order.
  18. Don’t say yes to every request. Give yourself permission to say no. As much as you’d like to, you can’t do it all. So, it’s ok to start saying no to things that don’t excite you or move the needle forward.
  19. Add accountability to your week. Left to our own, we may or may not get something done. Add in a layer of accountability where someone will ask us if we got it done, most likely it gets done.

None of these 19 things are game changers in themselves.

The true game changer is you and your mindset.

But, if you truly do want to make your day one that makes a difference, check yourself on these 19 things above and begin implementing the ones that work for you, one thing at a time.

Make this a week where you begin to finish the stuff that really matters to you. Good ideas are fine, but they don’t really do much for you accomplishing your end goal. This week make it a week where you go from a bunch of ideas…. to completion.

The One Thing You Need As Successful Business Owner and How To Get More Of It

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To be a truly successful business owner, there is *one thing* you need more of than anything else.

The problem is, it doesn’t come easy. It comes through perseverance, hard work, and discipline. And it only comes through failing and getting back up again… over and over.

If you have this thing, you will agree wholeheartedly. If not as much, you’ll most likely just sigh and roll your eyes.

What I’m talking about is mental toughness.

The reason you need this is because there are few things harder than running a successful business. There are ups and downs like nothing else. There are moments when you feel like you have absolutely no clue what to do next. There are moments you think you are the only one who is going through something this hard.

Mental toughness though, is an oddity.

You need mental toughness to make it through the hard times, but you don’t get it until you actually go through the hard times.

When you lose a handful of clients all at once, you’ve got to be mentally tough. When your family or team (or both) has higher expectations on you than you feel like you can meet, you’ve got to be mentally tough. When your bank account doesn’t reflect all the time you’ve been putting in, you’ve got to be mentally tough. When your market is saturated, and yet another competitor opens up down the street, you’ve got to be mentally tough. When you’re in a low income small town and trying to run a profitable gym, you’ve got to be mentally tough.

But the challenge is, for the majority of us mental toughness doesn’t “just happen”. It is a skill that is hard won.

It’s hard to keep pressing through. It’s hard to hit your goals.

Increasing your mental strength is similar to building your physical strength – it takes consistency and discipline… day after day after day. But, once you work this muscle out and it gets stronger, things oddly start to shift in your favor.

Think about a new person who walks in your gym… it’s never the right thing to just tell them to “get in shape”. They won’t even be able to grasp what that means, much less begin to do anything about it. They need to have a plan, and push themselves to work that plan consistently.

And to make matters even more challenging, that out-of-shape, overweight person can work out and not even begin to see any changes except really sore muscles, until at least a few weeks into the workout regimen. Talk about a demotivator.

The same is true in business.

Oh, we all want to be mentally tough. To be able to persevere and fight through the hard times, but we also all know, if we’re not there yet, it’s never as easy as to “just be tougher”.

Mental toughness, in my opinion, is defined as the ability to work hard consistently with resilience and confidence toward success, even and especially in the face of adversity, failure, and challenges.

Mental toughness is the thing that enables successful leaders to reach their long-term vision and goals.

In the life of any business owner, there will be days where you’re just not motivated, you feel overwhelmed, and going back to just getting a paycheck feels like an appealing option. It’s ok, those days are to be expected. But, if you have more days like that than days where you are mentally tough, you need to begin working out that muscle immediately.

How to begin developing mental toughness so that you own this year, instead of it owning you:

  • Get clear on your goals so that you have focused direction. You cannot reach a destination that you have not yet decided on. Without clear, focused goals, business owners simply react to whatever the day brings, and find themselves year after year in a very similar (frustrating) place.
  • Create more and consume less. Learning is critical for business owners, but if you find yourself just consuming and not creating, put the books or podcasts down for a while and actually get to work. Begin executing on what you’re learning.
  • Don’t compare (or compete) with others. Stop looking at others and getting discouraged that you’re “not enough”. You have all the same resources as someone else. Put your head down and compete with yourself.
  • Take small steps forward every day. The important thing to ask yourself at the end of every day is “Was I better today than yesterday?”. Small steps of progress gradually grow your confidence to be able to attack larger things.
  • Surround yourself with mentally tough people. Who you surround yourself with is a direct indication of who you will become. Choose people who consistently pull you up, rather than encourage you to compromise and stay down.
  • Be proactive vs. reactive. Developing the skill of being ready for whatever comes your way is critical in getting your mental toughness muscle stronger. You cannot control everything that comes your way, but you are in absolute control of how you react to it. Emotions are good, but if they control you, you need to start to reign them in.
  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone a little every day. You cannot and will not get stronger if you hunker down and stay in your comfort zone. Putting yourself in uncomfortable situations that stretch you instead of escaping them is what will make you stronger. When you avoid difficult circumstances or uncomfortable situations, you’re not even allowing yourself the chance to prove that you can succeed in the hard things.
  • Accept the fact that there will be “off” or bad days. There will be days where you’ve just lost your mojo. It’s ok – accept those days, let yourself off the hook, and then make sure you climb right back up on the horse. But even during those days, just make a little progress in something.
  • Keep showing up. Like your athletes, the ones who make the progress are the ones who just keep showing up. Even when they are tired, even when they are discouraged, even when they don’t feel like it.

The truth is half-ass behaviors will always get you half-ass results.

But if everyday, you work your mental toughness muscle out, the cumulative impact of this will pay off. I promise.

The most successful business owners I know have (and continue to) hit the same walls, hurdles, mental struggles, and obstacles as everyone else. It’s important to note that your situation is not different – whether you’re in a small town, or you can’t find good staff, or you’re in a saturated area, or whatever. Every business owner has her or his own set of struggles. The truly successful ones just don’t make excuses, but instead consistently execute and relentlessly pursue growth.

What you plant is always the harvest you will get.

Get mired in discouragement, and you will live constantly wishing that things were different. But, push yourself and fight for discipline now, and you will soon find yourself reaping the rewards you once only hoped for.

Looking for an amazing community of helpful gym owners to help you hit your 2018 goals?  Check out Hub.

How to Actually Hit Your Goals In 2018

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Here we are… in the first week of 2018.

The year lies before you –  waiting for you to make something of it, waiting for you to do something with another blank canvas that you’ve been given. Inviting you even, to make yourself proud this year.

What this year will turn out like, for the most part, will be highly dependent on your decisions and your behavior choices.

That’s worth repeating so you feel the weight of it – What this year will turn out like, for the most part, will be highly dependent on your decisions and your behavior choices.

Do what you did last year, and you’ll get very similar results. Maybe for some that’s good because you had a great year in 2017; but for others, 2017 feels like something you’d rather not relive.  

Of course there will always be things that happen to us – both good and bad – that are out of our control, and we have to adjust. But, for the most part, your year – and the success or disappointment of it – will be determined and governed by you.

That’s pretty powerful.

Want this year to be different? Want this year to be memorable in really good ways? Want to do things you only dreamed possible? Want your business to grow exponentially?

Check out this list below and make sure to incorporate these into your January, so you strengthen those muscles and create good habits for your 2018.

  1. Maintain focus – when working on anything, it’s not realistic to maintain 100% focus for long periods of time. So schedule in short increments of time throughout your day (30 minutes to 1 hour) where you put every distraction aside and focus intently on the task at hand.
  2. Make your future exciting enough – if you’re not looking forward to, and actually visualizing with anticipation, what lies ahead, you will just not be motivated or disciplined enough to actually get there.
  3. Make your goals and aspirations visible – most of us are visual people. We need to see something in order to remember it. You know the old saying, “out of sight, out of mind”. This is never more true than with our core values, goals, or things we want to accomplish. Seeing it every day on your computer, or white board, or phone, or desk (or all the above) will remind you of the good path you are on.
  4. Get accountability – I just don’t understand why people think they can accomplish things consistently without accountability. As humans, we are hard-wired to need others. Maybe you can get a few things done, but true accountability will propel you into your future desired state quicker than anything else. Inviting a chosen few others into your process and year will give you feedback and encouragement that you are on the right track (or not). Check out our M3 groups for an affordable and amazing option of weekly accountability.
  5. Have a clear plan – why is it that we spend more time planning a one week vacation than we do planning our year and our life? If you don’t have a plan, mark my words, unfortunately you will stumble through 2018. In our online Hub platform, we have a complete Strategic Plan template that you can download and customize for you and your business.
  6. Download a habit tracker app – Yesterday, I downloaded Strides to my phone. In the app, you enter your goals and it helps you track your progress. I’ve chosen the paid version (paid a year in advance – $39.99) because I wanted it to cost me something so I’m more inclined to use it. The more tools I can have in place to remind me, the better chance I actually have of hitting my goals. There are other options for habit trackers as well if you prefer a different format (just Google “habit tracker apps”).

I don’t know about you, but this year is going to be different for me.

I will not get to Dec. 31st and be frustrated that I didn’t make every effort to accomplish those things that I wrote down this past week as important.

There are very specific things I want to accomplish that are clearly laid out in my plan. It will be hard. It will take a crazy amount of work. It will require me to make good (and sometimes difficult) choices.

But I know the only way I can get to the end of 2018 and not be discouraged for failing to hit my goals is to consciously choose to live every day by the one word I’ve chosen to guide my year – DISCIPLINE.

Motivation can come and go like the wind, but discipline is a conscious choice every day to do (or not do) those things that matter to you.

Discipline (not just motivation) creates freedom. And… who doesn’t want freedom??

Is Running A Gym *Really* Your Passion?

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I received an email last week from one of our clients, Steve Macioci – owner of CrossFit Ignite in Park Ridge, NJ – that made a deep impression on me. I asked him if I could share it in a blog post so maybe some of you can benefit from his learnings and growth. I was going to give you just the cliff notes (because it’s long), but then I concluded that it’s too good to delete any of it out.

You can run a gym, but until you find WHY you’ve chosen specifically that line of business, and lean into it as hard as you can, it will just be a business.

As you’ll see from what he shared, Steve has discovered his why and he is in the verge of changing countless (more) lives because of it.

From Steve…

While sitting in the [Hubster] Gathering a month or so ago taking it all in, I got overwhelmed with an idea. One thing about me is this… I can seem impulsive, but it’s not so much impulsive… rather more in tune. I literally get a rumbling inside my chest, inside my person and I just know.

Well, I had an image of me setting out to create a plan to host some sort of mental therapy for athletes. I kinda brushed it off as a caffeinated daydream a bit, but I wrote it down.

The thing is I truly believe that mental health is true health. I have seen too many people obsess about fitness and be so damaged in their hearts and brains. So many people start so strong then just give up over the first hiccup in the road, or people just blame everything around them for “failure”. It bothers me. It bothers me beyond the normal person annoyance.

I am passionate about helping people. I am passionate about taking them to the next level… not only in fitness, but in life. When I coach a class I spend time on mindset and setting goals in the workout and perseverance throughout the session, etc., etc.

Honestly, my goal with people is to help them achieve the ultimate health in Mind, Body, and Soul. One standing alone is unstable, all three solid is power! I just happen to use fitness as the tool. I couldn’t care less if someone can ever do a pull-up. I care more about them smiling seeing what they are worth and leaving confident in who they truly are in their hearts.  

Well, as the weekend went on I kept thinking more and more about it. A lot of stuff we went over directed me back to that idea. Your leadership section of the weekend was a big part in that. You and I have the same ethos.

Fast forward to when I got home. I looked over all my notes and started to clean the clutter and re-write stuff to make sense of it all and start attacking my goals.

I wake up every day at 3:50am and dedicate my first hour or so of my day to meditation, movement, journaling, affirmation, and reading. This is my best time of day where I find the most clarity.

Through this I started writing down all my ideas and all my goals from the gathering. There were a lot of loose ends and I kept daydreaming about speaking to people about their lives.

I was kinda ignoring it till I read something about VISUALIZATION. This was the game changer for me.

The first day I tried it I sat and just started thinking about my perfect day and blah, blah, trying to control it then it came to me. I heard that voice. “Embrace your daydreams.” “Daydreams are your heart, passions, desires.”

Here is the thing. Because I’ve lived my life with ADHD, I have been told that “daydreaming” is my “weakness”. I catch myself speaking out loud to imagined scenarios in my car and I stop myself because “it’s not normal, my meds should help with that.” It’s been my “issue” my whole life so to speak.

Well, the next day I sat and just said I’m not stopping this… I’m following my mind this time, f-ck everyone.

Low and behold my mind went straight to my gym… as vivid as a movie. In it, I’m hosting a goal setting workshop. I’m standing in front of everyone. I see exactly who I want there and where I want them sitting. I’m literally on my feet in my room walking around eyes closed speaking out loud teaching and motivating. I am going through the dictation of how to breakdown your goals to small tangible bites. I go through this for a half an hour!!

But then the magic happened.

In the end, I closed with how without a goal you have no WHY. Without your WHY you will never really know what you desire. None of this was written out I just started to talk about self worth and self discipline and how discipline breeds confidence and confidence breeds motivation and motivation breeds action which breeds more self discipline and more confidence which then breeds more motivation the even more action… and so on and so forth.

I started to cry (surprise surprise). Without my self discipline, without the 321Go road map I created with you all I would have never found my why.

I have been going through my workshop for the last two weeks. I have a complete drawn out written out plan and presentation. I started 30 minute goal setting sessions where I get inside my athletes heads while we sit 1-on-1 in my office and have implemented it already. The few people I’ve just grabbed and booked time with as practice have all emailed me or texted me that they were blown away with how in tune I was with their hearts and how they have changed as people from sitting with me even just once.

I have the confidence now to the point I KNOW there is no one better suited to follow this path because I have a gift. I am excited to get this moving and I can’t wait for the workshop. I plan on doing it hopefully in late February. I have turned my Sunday emails into blog posts (click here to see) and the feedback has been overwhelming.

Where this is heading I’m not sure BUT I know it’s going to work out well.

I am so thankful for 321Go. I have been part of other groups and it’s been all business and that is fine. But the heart in 321Go is something I haven’t seen in business before, well ever. The compassion you and Clay and everyone shows is so sincere and real. You guys have changed the game when it comes to cooperate business. There is a human aspect that is relevant. It’s not bullshit. It’s a place I find confidence now. It has become a place where I can learn and where I am not judged, but embraced. Let’s be honest, you guys make me feel cool. That is the f-cking best feeling (that no one likes to admit). I thank you all 100-fold beyond what I could ever repay. I have no idea why this email became so long and took this path but I like to just vomit and see what happens.   

Well, there is my epiphany and I wake up excited and certain and motivated. I can’t wait till the next Hubster Gathering to show everyone what it’s become.



We couldn’t be more proud of this guy for following his heart and his dreams. Big things are ahead for him.

How about you?  Why are you *really* running your gym?  Figure it out and lean into that.

No One Is Drawn To Desperate

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I had a conversation this past week that got me thinking.

People aren’t drawn to desperate.

It’s this weird thing… almost like someone can sniff out desperate from a mile away. It’s as if there is an impenetrable shield around the desperate one to keep other people far away.

You know what I mean. Think of the guy or girl who just went through a breakup and is always on the hunt for someone new. Or the one who can’t get over a person who broke up with them, so all they talk about is that person – story after story after story – to anyone who will listen. Or, the one who meets someone and wants to go from first date to marriage talk within waaay too short amount of time. We’ve all known (or been) this kind of person.  

Or, closer to home… think of the gym owner who is down on his or her luck. They have lost 10 members in the last month, keep getting notices for “insufficient funds”, don’t have a plan in place for growth, and continually beat themselves up for either not knowing how to do something or for not doing something right.

Far too many business owners spend way too much time paralyzed by fear (and even hope), and as a result just come across as desperate, fear-ridden, and unsuccessful.

You, like me, probably can recognize desperate in someone else. Desperation has its own distinct scent, and it isn’t pleasant.

Most of us are good at knowing not to cross the line between eagerness and desperation in social situations. But, when your business is on the line, it unfortunately becomes a lot easier to allow good judgment to fly out the window. In your desire to have money in your bank account, you may not even realize you are giving off a desperate vibe.

Desperation is one thing that will destroy your business.  

It creates a vibe of… well, desperation.

And the problem is no one is drawn to desperate. People want to hitch their wagons to confident, successful people. We do this because it makes us feel like we’ve made a good choice.

So, by being desperate, a business owner may actually be pushing away the exact people they are hoping to attract as customers.

Desperation comes when people are losing and they think they are out of options. Business owners in this position will grasp at anything they think might “rescue” them.

Determined people, on the other hand, have a very different mentality. These business owners take responsibility for themselves and for their business. They weigh out their decisions, instead of grasping at straws.

If you take a step back, look at the 10,000 ft. view, and you smell desperate in yourself, what can you do?

Do something.

I know that sounds simple, but it’s critical. Do something every day.

Can be anything that is a little out of the normal – write a thank you note to a member or a coach, set up a meeting with your bookkeeper/accountant, create a survey for your members, go out and meet another business owner close to you, take one of your members (or a small group of your members) out to coffee or drinks, write a blog and post it, etc.  

The goal here is to jump start your momentum. Start the ball rolling.

Once the ball gets rolling, it’s much easier to build on that momentum.

When you do this you will find that it is the little things that add up over time to create a successful business.

And, the successful business owners I know are the ones who are consistently executing, even when they aren’t sure it’s the right thing.

They try, they fail, then they try again. And, each time they do, they are increasing their confidence and creating a little more momentum.

To help gym owners with this, we’ve created something that can help. Our affordable Hub platform has a Business Check Up course in it. It has a scoring rubric that you can take as soon as you sign up. It will give you clear direction on the areas where you can start to execute on and gain momentum. Joining Hub will also give you access to our private Facebook group that is the best in the industry. The 450+ gym owners in it are unlike any community I’ve seen. They share whatever resources they have to help make other gym owners successful.

Check Hub out today and go from desperate and paralyzed by the next move to a confident, thriving business owner.