Weekly Thrive Video 12-15-17

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Quick Summary of this week’s Thrive video

1. Difference between “Noble Misery” and “Thriving Despite”
2. Julie’s blog post around why everyone of us needs accountability in our lives.
3. Matt’s podcast with Jason Rule with Driven Nutrition
4. A new book I am reading, The Captain Class, and my thoughts.
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You Can’t Be Truly Successful Leading Alone

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Far too many business owners try to do it all themselves.

They think they need to be (or act like they are) strong, confident, capable, organized, knowledgeable about everything, able to manage 1,000 things, and creative… all the while being successful in order to provide for those who count on them.

This is a huge misconception.

No one person is all those things without the strength of others.

And this kind of thinking can bring disastrous consequences, including excessive stress, feelings of overwhelm, financial hardships, and ultimately, even business failure.

No one person can lead by him or herself optimally. But, I’ll take it even a step further and say no one team of a few can lead by themselves effectively. In order to be truly effective and growing, we need outside influences. We need people who think differently than we do. We need people to bounce things off of. We need people to point out and call us on our blind spots.

Whether you own a 35 person gym or a 450 person gym, if you’re not seeking the counsel and opinion of advisors in your life on a consistent basis, you’re leaving a lot on the table.

As humans, we are created to be in community; and, as business leaders, we are designed to lead more effectively with trusted advisors speaking into our lives and businesses.

Your story is the culmination of hundreds, if not thousands, of people over the course of your lifetime influencing you, whether positively or negatively. Given that this is true, how much more true is it that you need people investing in you (and you in them) as you lead and grow your business?

On one hand, one of the significant benefits of being an entrepreneur is that you don’t have to answer to anyone.

But, on the other hand, one of the crippling drawbacks for many entrepreneurs is that they aren’t answering to anyone and have noone to keep them accountable.

Here are a few reasons a trusted advisor, business coach, or a mastermind group can be a game-changer for your business:

  • You can’t see what you can’t see. As much as we might not like to admit it, our opinions and decisions are not always right. We make them based on what we know, and often we just can’t see a different and/or better way.
  • We all have things to learn. The moment you think you have all the answers – no matter how successful you think you are – get prepared for a downfall. I’ve always believed that you should be very leery of those who think they are the smartest in the room.
  • Shared weight makes the load lighter. A business is like a 500 lb. weight – really hard for one person to lift, but if that person has help, the load becomes much more bearable.
  • Teaches you what you don’t know. You might be great at coaching, or finances, or marketing, or retention, or programming, but it’s highly unlikely that you are really good at all of those things.
  • Sometimes you just aren’t sure you’re doing it right. It easy to get off course, or to think we’re headed off course. The counsel of others helps us realize when we need to just keep going and when we need to do a little course correcting.
  • Feet held to the fire equals things getting done. Accountability is the number one thing entrepreneurs struggle with. There are so many people pulling at you and so many things that can be a distraction, it’s easy to lose sight of what should be the priority in growing your business.

I’ve watched far too many businesses come up way short of their potential – or even close their doors – because there is a leader (or leaders) at the helm who aren’t willing to invest in themselves or humble themselves to ask for and listen to the advice and opinions of others.

No one person has it all. We need each other. If you’re looking for true success, you will seek out and value the advice of others.


We can help with this through our M3 Mastermind groups. These are groups of 4-7 gym owners, facilitated by one of our business coaches, that meet weekly for business growth. If this article describes you, joining a M3 group might be just what the doctor ordered.

Here are a few comments from current M3 participants:

The M3 Group has been one of the best things I have done in a long time!” – John

What is most helpful is hearing a small number of people’s perspective that are in a similar situation. At different stages in the game. It’s eye opening and the accountability to really follow through. I have learned one thing from each meeting. It has definitely been worth it.”  – Meddy

I love the M3 group. It’s been super helpful for me to have someone to bounce ideas off of. It’s amazing to me how much we’ve grown since I started participating in the M3 group.” – Nicole

Complainer or Influencer… Which Are You?

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I recently had two very different conversations.

They were both with people who’ve had really hard cards dealt to them in this life. I mean, really hard.

Each had every right to complain. Each had legitimate reasons to get off track, or even quit.

The difference was one used the difficulties to empower her and propel her forward, and the other used those difficulties as a rite of passage to complain. To be a modern day Eeyore.    

I found myself extremely drawn to the one and willing to help in any way I could, and wanting the conversation with the other to be over as quickly as possible.

Does it mean I don’t care about the complainer? On the contrary. I care so much that I want to enter in and help in anyway that I can. But I can’t help if someone doesn’t want to help themselves.  

I recently heard a quote that has made a huge impact on me… “People don’t want to help you if you complain.

Simple but so true.

Read that again… “People don’t want to help you if you complain.

The hard truth is… nobody cares, if you complain. Oh, you may get the ears of a few, but they will quickly and mysteriously fade away.

But, if you embrace the suck and use it to fuel your influence and impact, you will see that people will rise up and rally to help.

The hard things are what tell the good stories… IF you let them. Sure, you have a right to complain, but the impactful people I know use those hard things to turn them into amazing stories of change.

We all have our hard. And some days, no doubt, each one of us feels like we’re in an ocean caught in the riptide wondering where air is. Maybe even for you it’s a lot more than “some days”.

I have a friend who has been dealt more crap in this life than any one person should ever have to deal with…. 

Could she complain and turn into the victim because of all the hurt she’s experienced? Could she use all the pain as reasons to justify checking out? Could she let circumstances control her reactions? Absolutely.

But, she won’t do that. Because she knows it will do no good. She has chosen to be strong.

She uses the hard things as a force to become different, and better.

She is strong. She is kind. She is a fighter. And as a result, she impacts people in life-changing ways. 

Here at 321Go, we see gym owners all the time in both camps. Some are stuck in complaining, woe-is-me mode… “I’ll never have what they have”, blaming everything on things external.

But… then.there.are.others – many others – who have grabbed the bull by the horns, and said, “No sir. Not today. Not on my watch. This business is MINE and I’m going to make something freaking awesome out of it, whatever it takes.”

These are the people we want on our team. These are the people who get it. These are the people seeing change happen. These are the people telling amazing stories.

You’ve got hard. I’ve got hard. That’s a given.

The real question is… what beautiful stories are we going to tell as a result of the hard cards we’ve been dealt?

Weekly Thrive Video 12-1-17

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Where did you end up this year?

Are you celebrating because you hit your goals? Are frustrated because you just couldn’t get it together? Or maybe it was a mix of both?

Either way, we want you to be ready for 2018. It’s December 1. Take some time to assess and then put a plan in place. We can help get your going. Join us for the Marketing challenge.

Starting today, we will be doing a 21 Day Marketing Challenge. You’ll get setup with a marketing calendar for 2018. No more winging it.

Check out the video below.


Signup for the 21 Day Marketing Challenge

7 Practical Ideas To Build A Great Culture

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Each month in Hub, our goal is to focus on one area of business and provide a month’s worth of content on that subject to help gym owners grow their gym.

This month, we have thoroughly enjoyed focusing on Leadership, Culture, and Community.

All of which are important to constantly be improving both in your life and in your gym. With that in mind, we’ve written a handful of blog posts on leadership and published an inspiring podcast episode with Hoby Darling on culture. And, we’ve uploaded short video courses in Hub on Creating a Contagious Culture and How to Wow Your Clients.

We’ve not only talked about it, though, we’ve also gotten the opportunity to live it out at our 1st annual Hubster Gathering this month where every attendee experienced community and culture in very real and impactful ways. As a team, we’ve never been more passionate about our leadership, culture, and community here at 321Go. 

If Leadership, Culture and Community aren’t a focus of yours, you’re most likely reaping negative consequences in your business. Because if you don’t purposefully focus on building a great culture, it will build itself, and you may not like the results.

Here are a few practical ways you can begin to make your culture and community a place that people tell their friends about:


 1. Determine, Define, and Document your Core Values.

As the owner and person in charge, it is imperative that you have a set of Core Values that you live and run your business by. We recommend you first think through and write out your personal Core Values. As an example, my personal values are: 1) Invest in people with no thought of return; 2) Make quality introductions; 3) Create experiences; 4) Out love. Out give; and, 5) Be thankful and celebrate often. These 5 things govern my daily life. I have them memorized and make my decisions based on them. But… what matters to me may not matter to you. So, you need to think through what really matters to you. One way to do this is to see what really bothers you. These things often highlight the things that you care about. Do you hurt when people are left out? Do you get incensed when you see bullying? Does it drive you nuts when people don’t finish a job? Or, maybe when people don’t call you back? All these things matter to you (or not) because they speak to your Core Values. Personal values need to be more than “integrity”, “respect”, “honesty”, “kindness”, etc. because how respect may be defined by you may mean something totally different to someone else. Making them short, easy to remember phrases will better define your values. Then, once you have these solidified, next step is to write out a set of Core Values for your gym. Here are our values here at 321GoProject: 1) We learn. We create. We give; 2) We will be financially sound so we can invest into relationships; 3) We will never assume because we know that clarity wins; 4) We will lead by example; 5) We will be the leader in delivering an incredible client experience; 6) We will be ethical in our decisions and won’t compromise or take shortcuts. Another great example of company values is Zappos Core Values. If you are clear on your Core Values and your gym’s Core Values, you will attract people who value similar things as you. A great next step once you have these solidified is to put them on a huge banner and hang them in your gym so that you (and your team and members) are reminded of them often. 

2. Every week, take one member out to coffee.

More than anything you do, spending face time with your athletes outside of the gym will build the culture you are looking for. Here are a variety of questions you can ask when with them: 1) Do you feel like you are hitting your goals? 2) How can we better help you with those goals? 3) What would you like to see added (or taken away) from what we’re offering at the gym? 4) How can we better meet your needs? 5) How are you doing? (and really listen to their response on this one). The key during this time is to listen. Ask a question, then really hear their answers. And, don’t be afraid to say “tell me more about that…”. It doesn’t all have to be talk about the gym. There is a huge benefit to getting to know more about them and what makes them tick.

 3. Have weekly staff meetings.

Be transparent in these meetings. Share your business successes and challenges. They are your team for a reason (even if you only have 1 other person on board right now), so it’s important to let them in on what’s really going on in the business so they can celebrate and help solve issues.

 4. Meet with your coaches 1-on-1 at least monthly.

Check in with them, and not just about business but also how they are doing personally. If they feel cared for, they will in turn care for your athletes.

 5. Start a members only private FB group.

As the owner, log into this FB group at least once a day to encourage engagement. Recognize athletes for accomplishments, encourage their progress, share advice and tips, and be available to answer any questions they might have.

 6. Host an event once a month at a restaurant, brewery, or someone’s home.

It’s one thing to work out together; it creates a whole other level of intimacy in building relationships when you eat and drink together.

 7. Have a member create a “Wall of Fame (or Happiness, Celebrations, etc.)”.

The idea here is to visually and publicly celebrate people’s accomplishments. We all like to be noticed. And we tend to stick around more when people show they care by noticing us. Find a member who is a “cheerleader” in your gym – one who makes everyone smile, and approach them about owning this for you.

Whether you like it or not, your culture is created by you. You are the leader. You are the one who sets the tone.

Show me a gym in turmoil and chaos, and I’m fairly certain I’ll be able to find a leader who hasn’t embraced the importance of defining and communicating his or her values, and therefore has allowed the culture to create itself.

But… show me a leader who knows who he or she is, is clear on his/her purpose, and lives by a documented set of values, and I’m fairly certain I’ll find a gym making a lasting difference and attracting people who feel a part of something impactful.

If you’re going to spend your life building something, why not make sure it’s in line with what really matters to you?

Want help?  Sign up for the Dec. 1-21st 21 Day Challenge we are offering through our Hub platform. It’ll help you establish your Marketing Plan for 2018 so you can take even more control of growing your gym in 2018.  

You can reach me directly by email at julie@321goproject.com.