Your Recipe for SEO Success

Do you understand the importance of ranking high on google,  as it could be the difference between getting a lead/client or not! Do you have all the FAQs? Have you tried to go at it along with/without results?

We asked ourselves, what are the top performing box websites doing to rank high in Google?

More important than ranking on Google is figuring out how people search and make sure you show up in those listings.

Basically people could find your business through various ways. Maybe on Yelp, a video, blog post, Facebook, Twitter, link on another website. It’s not just Google. The idea is to be proactive and make sure that you are in front of people when they are searching for you.

Details: (REVISED DATE:) Friday June 5th 12pm MST, 2pm EST
Host: Clay Weldon and Josh Sturgeon
Topic: Your Recipe for SEO Success

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