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“Hey, do you have a second?”

It’s one of the toughest choices your coaches face: do I leave the floor to talk with this potential new client, or stay with my class?

No one wants to miss a new client–especially one who took the time to walk in the front door–but no one wants to ask their class to wait, either. So how do we engage the newcomer, get their info, and keep our coaches coaching?

Answer: the guestbook.

This idea was originally a Zach Evan-Esh product in the early 2000s: parents and future clients could sit at Zach’s desk and look through hundreds of pictures arranged in photo albums while they waited for him. If they couldn’t wait, they could sign a guestbook. But technology allows us to make this simpler, more attractive AND far more effective.

Best of all: you can set this up yourself.

Picture this: a client walks into the gym while a class is underway. They’re greeted with a screen full of scrolling client pictures and the text: “Visiting? Tap here!”

When they tap the screen, they’re prompted to enter their name and email address, and then invited to watch the class. As they’re watching, your software collects their information, sends you an email reminder to follow up, and then sends the new client some information on your program. If the client is carrying their phone, they can even receive information and book an intro session while they watch the class.

If they can’t stay, no problem: your auto-email to them  will give them the information they need to sign up. You’ll have their email address, and can continue the conversation later. Even though you didn’t hand them a flyer, they’re not leaving empty-handed.

Watch the video as Matt Scanlon, a 321Go Business Coach, walks you through the entire process, from software setup to physical kiosk placement: