In today’s fitness boom, attracting and retaining gym members is more crucial than ever. But managing memberships, schedules, payments, and communication can quickly become a sweaty mess. Thankfully, member management systems (MMS) have emerged as the ultimate workout partners for gyms, streamlining operations and boosting member satisfaction.

Choosing the right MMS can feel like bench-pressing a barbell of options. That’s why we’ve compiled this top 10 list of member management systems for gyms, catering to diverse needs and budgets. Get ready to ditch the spreadsheets and unlock a world of gym management magic!

All these software are integrated with 321GoProject.

1. is the next-generation software platform dedicated to making it easy for fitness professionals to manage their entire fitness business in one place.

2. StreamFit: StreamFit is the ONLY all-in-one gym management solution. Gym management, Custom gym app, Competitions Pr/Benchmark Tracking, Programming, Membership management, Reporting, Payroll, Point of sale store, virtual and so much more!

3. Mindbody: A veteran in the game, Mindbody offers a comprehensive suite of features, including membership management, online booking, point-of-sale, marketing automation, and robust reporting.

4. Wodify: Designed specifically for CrossFit gyms, Wodify handles everything from class scheduling and tracking workouts to performance analysis and competition management.

5. Pike13: This cloud-based system boasts user-friendly interfaces for both gym staff and members. Its strengths lie in automated billing, integrated marketing tools, and seamless appointment scheduling.

6. Zen Planner: Budget-conscious gyms rejoice! Zen Planner offers essential features like membership management, online booking, and basic reporting at a competitive price.

7. Virtuagym: Looking to integrate fitness tracking and online training? Virtuagym seamlessly connects your MMS with workout apps and wearable devices, providing a holistic fitness experience.

8. ABC Fitness Solutions: This established provider offers a range of software options, from basic membership management to full-fledged club management with spa and retail integration.

9. WellnessLiving: This user-friendly system caters to a wider audience, including salons, spas, and wellness centers. Its appointment booking and automated marketing features are particularly handy.

10. PushPress: Known for its intuitive interface and member engagement tools, PushPress helps gyms foster a strong community through challenges, rewards, and gamification elements.

Additional Bonus Software:
  1. Glofox: This all-in-one platform caters to a global audience with multi-language support and currency conversion. Its focus on mobile engagement and member self-service makes it ideal for modern gyms.
  2. TeamUp: This simple yet powerful system shines in class and appointment scheduling. Its drag-and-drop interface makes managing time slots a breeze, perfect for yoga studios and boutique fitness centers.

All these software are integrated with 321GoProject.