You fill in the blank. You’ve got that thing – maybe multiple things – weighing you down. Big time.

It’s got you really frustrated, so much so that it’s consuming your thoughts and making it hard for you to be productive.

Maybe your marriage is not what you thought it would be.

Maybe your kids are making bad decisions and you are worried about them.

Maybe your finances are putting incredible stress on you. The burden on your shoulders is heavy.

Maybe you are at a point in your life where you just thought it would be different… Better for sure.

Maybe your business, your baby, is eating you alive, or… maybe you just can’t seem to figure it out. Everybody else around you seems to be growing. Why the heck can’t something you are trying just work?

Life throws many things your way and you are expected to juggle them all. So what if you are not?

Are you depressed? Tired? Frustrated? Just plain worn out?

You are living on this roller coaster ride that you would gladly exit. One day is great, tomorrow not so much. The pattern is exhausting. You long for some consistency in your life.

If just this or that were different…

So, the big question for you:

Is it possible to “thrive despite” what you have going on?

This thought has been circling in my head for some time now. I am not going to lie. It’s been really rough for me as well. I am pretty sure you can relate. Sure, there have been many good things that have happened and are currently happening, but overall, its just been a tough consistent grind.

An entrepreneur’s road is certainly a lonely one.

You head out on a trip and drive a hundreds of miles without seeing a gas station. You begin to run on empty and become stressed and desperate.

Then you see it: off in the distance, a gas station, where you can fill up. A glimmer of hope. You make a stop.

The old guy behind the counter sees your frustration and tells you to head a different route where more gas stations are along the way. To fill up, get refreshed. You listen to his wise words and go in that direction.

You could have easily kept your initial route filled with more stress, big stretches between stops and refueling, but you don’t. You make a change. Something inside of you says enough of what’s not working.

So can we Thrive despite our circumstances? Can you Thrive despite your circumstances?? You tell me.

What if we stop blaming the people around us? Our wives, our kids, our families, our partners.

What if we take responsibility for our actions?

What if we go a different direction?

What if we decide to get up a little early and make sure our day is planned out?

What if we change our daily habits if they are not working for us?

What if we stop waiting for life to just happen to us, but meet each activity, person, loved one with a sense of purpose and positivity.

Your business is not where you want it be. You are tired, I get it.

So what’s your plan? No, seriously. What are you going to do to change it? I know you’ve tried many times, but it hasn’t worked. Ok, then time to do something different. Seek out help.

You can’t be successful alone. We weren’t meant to live this life alone. It’s too tough. Find people you trust and share your frustrations with them along with your successes.

Can we and will we thrive despite…? Yes, 100%. It’s about taking responsibility for your attitude and action.

You don’t have a good marriage? Stop blaming your spouse and worry about changing yourself. Your marriage may not improve, but you will. Guaranteed.

Are you working too much and don’t have time to spend with your kids? Change that pattern this week. Work will always be there. Your kids won’t. They need you. Start with blocking off 1-2 nights a week you will be home with them. Whatever it takes, make it happen. You will be empowered and will most likely affect other parts of your life.

Your business stalled? Not thriving? Ask yourself, will anyone else come in and rescue you because they love it as much as you do? Heck no. It’s your baby.

So you’ve got two options: Sell/Close it down OR put a stake in the ground today that from now on you will figure out what has to be done to grow.

It’s all about attitude and a burning desire for change.

I read this somewhere: A burning desire backed by faith simply means deeply, passionately wanting to get somewhere and knowing – not hoping, not wishing, but knowing that you will get there.

You’re at Point A. You want to get to Point B. It’s just the in between that you need to figure out.

Let me let you off the hook. You don’t have to go it alone. There are friends, coaches, services, around you that can help. We’re only one of them, but we’re definitely a good choice. The gas stations that are not so far apart on your journey, but can keep you refreshed, filled up.

The worse thing any of us want is to get to the end of our life and say, What if?

Surround yourself with people who have been where you are, experienced the struggles you are going through, and are Thriving Despite…

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