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Ep 62 | No One Knows and No One Cares – Online Reality Check

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No one knows and no one cares.

This is the unfortunate reality of business ownership. You pour your heart and soul into your product. Your coaches are the best in the area. You have a passion above anyone else’s. Your community is top-notch.

But, no one knows and no one cares.

No one knows good programming from bad; good coaching from bad; or what “Community” actually means.

So, show them. Distill these things down into their most basic components. Distill “Community” down to a 20 second video. Show me a picture of fun coaching.

This is your online presence, your brand, your story – the distillation of all that is your business and passion into a 30 second glance at an open tab on an iPhone.

Recorded from the 2016 USA Gymnastics National Congress, Matt and Clay go on the show to discuss some things we learned from chatting with a couple hundred gym owners.

Specifically, we talk through some ways that your website can help and hurt your business.

The most outstanding thing we’ve learned from looking at so many gym owners’ sites is that visitors to their site don’t know, nor do they care to take the time to learn. While we’d all like to think that consumers will do their research to find out what good programming, coaching, and equipment looks like – the reality is they don’t care. The only want to know: What’s in it for me?

You spend all day in your business and you know it’s strong. But, does your website speak to that? Can visitors jump from Google to your site and know your core values and coaching staff within a couple minutes? Can you easily go from online to your front door 24/7?

Do an honest self-audit. Your future members don’t know what they don’t kow. Show them the path quickly, simply, and in a user-friendly manner.

Ep 61 | Vision, Building Youth Programs, and Productivity

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We’re joined this week by Nick Mann, owner of OBP Gym and Founder of Strength2Change.


Nick shares with us some simple steps he used to start up a kids program in his gym. This program became so popular and the vision so clear that he knew he needed to expand the footprint – enter Strength2Change.

Strength2Change is a non-profit organization that brings strength training programs, career, and social opportunitites to at-risk youth. Nick currently provides scholarships for youth with the goal of building easy-access facilities in the neighborhoods he serves.

In addition to discussing some ways you can build a kids program in your gym, Nick shares with us his inspiration and vision. After talking with Nick, he vision is big and clear – working everday to execute.

With solid execution comes productivity habits. Nick discusses the ways he “batches” his workload in order to balance his work, charity, and life.

To get involved with Nick, go to or find him on Instagram @strength_2_change

Ep 60 | Ben Bergeron’s Journey Toward Excellence

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Ben Bergeron joins 321Go Podcast to share his stories of excellence in business.

Ben Bergeron has been a shining example to nearly every affiliate owner over the last decade. Over at Ben shares everything he’s learned over the years. Both in his programming for competitive athletes – including a Masters’ specific program – and in his Affiliate Excellence programs, Ben delivers his experience in excellence for both athletes and entrepreneurs alike.

We open the show discussing ways that Ben blurs the lines between work and play – including safeguards he has in place to protect his time and his family.

Ben goes on to share the journey of CrossFit New England. From 0-400 members, he shows us some benchmarks to look out for as you scale and grow your business. That’s not to say things were always great with total clarity.

Ben opens up about the exact day and moment he realized his business needed a change. When he created his first organizational chart, he learned that his name was in every box. After sharing the chart and vision with his staff, it was game on.

But, just as Ben shares, he’s never arrived. This is the heart of excellence. Nothing is ever “good enough”. Client experience can always be improved. Organizational structure can always be buttoned-up. Always in pursuit, never arrived.

Stay up to date with Ben:

Ep 59 | Share Your Story with the Right People

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What are you currently doing to share your story with your audience?

We now know that people interact with a product or brand at least 5 times before they make a decision to buy. Think about the last time you made a significant purchase; you went Google, Facebook, email, free trial, and research before actually handing over that first dollar.

So, why don’t we provide the same opportunities for our future athletes to get to know us? Are we leaving money on the table by not consistently communicating with our audience?

Jonathan Herrick, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer and Partner at Hatchbuck joins us this week to de-mystify the ways in which we communicate with our audience.

One thing is certain – there is a lot of noise out there. How can we cut through it? As Jonathan outlines, we start by understanding our Core Values. Do you have a culture that “wow’s” your members? I’m sure you do. What are you doing to share that story?

Armed with a clear mission and Core Value, we must understand and respect our audience’s values. How can we help them? How many times and in how many ways can we speak value into their lives before they ever hand over money?

This is the heart of Branding – telling the story of your Core Values to the people that matter most to you. Engaging with your loyal fans to continually provide a meaningful customer journey.

Ep 58 | Attract More Members with a Clear Content Strategy

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By now, you’ve hopefully begun to create your own content. But, how do you share your content on social media?

Justin Wise, Owner and Founder of, shares with us the system he uses both in his own business and for his clients. At Think Digital Justin focuses on a three-prong approach to digital marketing for his clients: Education, outsourcing, and social ad placement.

When creating a content and social strategy for your business, we discuss the hierarchy of messaging for marketing. We start first with Purpose. Without purpose, your clients don’t care. They want to know that their business with you matters. Second, we focus on Persona. Who are you speaking to? In Justin’s example, two gyms with identical purpose will have very different strategies based upon the personas that occupy their business. Third, we focus on process. How is your day and week blocked off to prioritize sharing your purpose to your personas? Lastly, this strategy ends in revelation of your product. That “Get Started” call-to-action; the actual workout itself.

Justin leaves us with an excellent tactic we can use today. We give you a blog post title prompt with a step-by-step process to maximize your leads to members. Remember: Your future members need significantly more contact points than you think before they’re ready to commit to your product. You need to be front of mind when they’re ready.

Find Justin @JustinWise on Twitter and find Think Digital at

Ep 57 | Content Marketing IP, Music in Your Gym, and Scrubbing Your Blog

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Do I need to buy a music license? Can I use an image on my blog? Do I need permission to use pictures of my members?

We’re joined this week by Sandy Shepard – an Intellectual Property, Trademark, and Contract Attorney (among MANY other credentials). Sandy is the author of three books, Chief Legal and Business Strategist at Good Solutions, dog lover, and all-around purveyor of good vibes and assistance to entrepreneurs.

Sandy helps us make sense of the legal issues we continually hear coming from gym owners all across the country.

In this episode we cover the use of trademarked images on your blog, securing permission to use images of your members and their kids, and the seemingly never ending question of music licensing. Check out Sandy’s LinkedIn Profile for free contract and IP resources.

As mentioned in the show, we’ll be doing a follow-up Q&A – send your questions to: and we’ll get them on the show.

Ep 56 | Your First Video Content

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How do I start video marketing?


We’re joined today by the Founder and CEO of Rainy Day Productions, Chris Moeller, to discuss ways that gym owners can use video to market their gym.

As we discuss in the episode, the hardest part of video marketing is that first video. So our challenge to you – the listener – is to record that first video today.

Find more of Chris’s work here:


Ep 55 | Content Marketing – Build the Base of Your Strategy

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All this month we’ll be talking about Content Marketing and how – when used as part of a holistic strategy – can yield incredible results in your business.

I open the show dissecting as the clear example of a company that began simply as a high-value content engine and later turned into a company with a tangible product.

This brings our first rule of Content Marketing (well, marketing in general) – Audience First, Product (Sales) Second.

A strong Content Strategy also begins with understanding people – who are they and what are they looking for? Our research has shown that consumer purchase behavior is initiated by multiple inputs and market validations. Here are some examples:

Email Marketing
Social Media

Ready to start building your content marketing strategy?

Build your audience with relevant content








It’s tempting to believe that if we just put out the right video or initiate the best email campaign that it will yield more members. That’s missing the mark. We want to be front-of-mind when our customers are ready to make a decision. We can’t make a decision for them. This is our 2nd rule of Content Marketing: No single input yields an output; only consistent execution over time.

So, how do we start? Here’s your homework:

– Identify your ideal members (personas)
– Research what they want
– Start speaking to them

Tools: AdWords Keyword Planner

Ep 54 | More than a mentor – Building your board

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Last week on the blog we asked the question: Do you really need a mentor?

This week we’re joined by 321GoProject’s brand ambassador Julie Weldon to dissect this idea even more. In business, we’ve always been leery of blanket “experts” and “that one system that will turn things around.”

The reality is – at a certain point – you WILL require very specific expertise in one area of your business; accounting, legal advice, logo design, marketing automation execution, or re-investment strategy. A single mentor or system will ultimately find logical exhaustion in expertise. General knowledge can only take you so far. Ultimately, you’ll need access to a board – a team of hyper-specific experts. Begin to assemble your’s now.

Ep 53 | Events 2.0 – How to make your’s stand out from the rest

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If you own a gym in a crowded market, there’s probably some type of event or competition going on nearly every weekend.

With so many events going on, what can you do to differentiate? We’re joined today by gym owner and 321GoProject Team Member Stefan Cox to chat about some ways he’s really pushing the envelope with his events through using partners, sponsors, and beneficiaries.