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Ep 71 | Chat with the Girls Gone WOD

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In a Podcast-inception, The Girls Gone WOD Podcast and 321Go Podcast join forces to bring you a joint episode from two perspectives.

For the gym owners listening, this is an important episode. While on the surface, this was a (really) fun conversation, I think we can take away much more.


1. Content – You MUST create regular content to your audience. No excuses. Rip off the band-aid and get it done.

2. What are your future members feeling before they join? This is HUGE. Joy shares her experience of joining a CrossFit gym. What can you take away from this unique perspective?

3. Your story. Have you shared this? Written it down? Taken a video? How often do you share it? Claire and Joy push me to share mine and it was a nice realization that I need to do so more often.

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Ep 70 | I Want to Improve My Business but I Don’t Know Where to Start

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We’re joined this week by the Founder of 321Go, Clay Weldon, to chat about direction and habit.

We’re all guilty of looking for “that one thing” to make our business better. “What’s the one thing you’ve done to get more people in the door?” “Does anyone have a template for ___?” “How do I price ___?”

We’ve talked with a TON of gym owners and have heard it all. We get it – it’s tempting to turn to the internet for answers and quick fixes. We’re all pressed for time after all. We’re here to make a case for 2 things to push your business forward: Habit and Small Victories.

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17 Podcasts That Will Change Your Life

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guy with headphones

We live in an age of massive opportunity for learning.

With so many resources available at our fingertips – books, articles, blogs, seminars – there is no reason (or excuse) why we shouldn’t be dedicated to our own personal development.

Because I’m a constant improvement junkie, I have to be honest… I’m always a little surprised when I recommend books to people and they say, “Oh, I don’t read.” Or have suggested articles/blogs and the response is, “I’ll get to that after the other 300 emails in my inbox.” (meaning: they’ll never get to it).

I love to read, but I really love podcasts. During my run every morning, it’s my time to listen to podcasts. When someone recommends a new podcast, you’d think I just won an all-inclusive trip for two. I can’t wait to the next day to give it a listen. [It’s a problem really.]

Podcasts are just so convenient. You can listen while you drive, while you’re in the shower, while you work out. Anytime you’re doing a “mindless” activity, they allow you to engage your mind.

So, I figured I’d share my current podcast playlist with you in hopes that you’ll return the favor and share the ones you subscribe to. [Remember, getting introduced to a new podcast is kind of a big deal to me.] Many of these you’ve probably heard of, but some others may be new to you.

In no particular order, here goes…

EOFire – John Lee Dumas. Short 20 minute engaging interviews with people who are killing it in business and life.

The James Altucher Show – James Altucher. Business. Life. Stories. Humor. Every episode is thought-provoking.

The EntreLeadership Podcast – Ken Coleman. After listening to this one, it just makes me want to be a better leader.

The Art of Charm – Jordan Harbinger. I just recently discovered this one. It talks all about what kind of impression you’re making and how to improve it. headphones

Online Marketing Made Easy – Amy Porterfield. This girl gets marketing. She’s not cheesy, just real and down-to-earth. And super smart. Every episode is a winner.

The Top – Nathan Latka. I like this one because he interviews entrepreneurs who are crushing it in business, and he’s not afraid to ask the hard questions.

The Dave Ramsey Show – Dave Ramsey. The financial guru. He thoughtfully challenges his listeners to manage their money and not let their money manage them.

Building a Story Brand – Donald Miller. Huge motivator to make your customers the hero of your business story instead of yourself.

Office Hours – Daniel Pink. Because of who he is, he has some heavy hitter guests on this show. He dives deep and, in true Dan Pink fashion, every episode is fantastic.

StartUp Camp – Dale Partridge. Dale believes that a strong business with a weak family doesn’t work. I love this and couldn’t agree more. He strives to help people turn their passion into their profession.

Power & Purpose – Mastin Kipp. More personal than business. Mastin encourages you to think below the surface and live fully in your purpose.

Seth Godin’s StartUp School – Seth Godin. This man is a genius and this podcast series (15 episodes) is worth every single bit of your time if you want to grow a successful business.

GirlBoss Radio – Sophia Amoruso. An all woman list of guests, this podcast inspires the female folks to get out there and make our marks on this world.

School of Greatness – Lewis Howes. This guy is awesome and his guests are the cream of the crop. You’d be hard-pressed to listen to even one of his episodes and not walk away with a desire to be a better human.

Rule Breaker Investing – David Gardner. Another podcast I just recently discovered and I look forward to every episode. Too many of us don’t know enough about money and investing. These are the Motley Fool guys and they are wildly smart.

The Four Hour Work Week – Tim Ferriss. Everyone knows about Tim Ferriss, but it’s for a reason. Every episode he puts out is both fantastic and inspiring.

And last but certainly not least…

321Go Podcast – Matt Scanlon. I’d be remiss to not include this because I honestly look forward to the new episode every week. This is a podcast by a gym owner, for gym owners. And it covers every topic that a small business owner faces. If you’re not giving this a weekly listen, you’re missing out on some serious goodness.

Podcasts are all the rage, and I’ve bought in. Learning on the go is such an easy and convenient way to spur us all on to become better humans.

What podcasts are in your playlist?

Ep 69 | Sustainability Through Coaching and Caring

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Nicole Christensen recently hosted the Affiliate Roundup at her Affiliate, CrossFit Roots.


In the series, a group of Affiliate owners chat about what makes a gym successful. First and foremost, success is built on trust and caring. Nicole shares a very emotional story from her box on why community and caring is so important.

Other topics we cover:

1. Showing members and staff you care.

2. The 2-Year mark of owning a gym

3. How do you think about good coaching?

4. How Nicole pursues excellence in business

5. How the gym owner can cut through the “noise”

6. Creating a structure to maintain a family life

7. Offloading tasks for better decision making

8. Motivating staff to bring in additional revenue

9. Does the Affiliate face different challenges and benefits today as they did early on?

10. How did Nicole identify her Affiliate’s Core Values?

11. Creating your first “process” or “system”

Stay up to date with Nicole –

Watch the entire “Affiliate Roundup” series on YouTube:

Ep 68 | Marketing, Scaling, and Overcoming Hurdles

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We’re joined this week by Justin Nault, owner and founder of Clovis Nutrition.



We open the show discussing Justin’s history as a professional musician turned entrepreneur.

We hit on the following items:

1. Finding a niche in the market

2. Jumping over entrepreneurial hurdles

3. Dealing with self-doubt as an entrepreneur

4. How to use education as a marketing strategy

5. Hiring people that know more than you

6. A few easy marketing tools

7. Becoming more efficient through automations

8. A few elements of a good nutrition program

For listeners of the show, Justin is offering 15% off bottles and sample packs of The Perfect Paleo Powder. Use code “321GO” at

Ep 67 | Jason Khalipa on Focus, Vision, and Going from Box to Business

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Today we’re joined by Jason Khalipa as you’d expect him – hammering on an AirDyne.

We open the show chatting about some of the philanthropic endeavors with which he’s become involved since his daughter, Ava’s, Leukemia diagnosis.

Check out the following dates:

September 24th – Ava’s Blood Drive

October 1-2 – Box to Business Seminar at Brick NYC

Jason opens the conversation with a status update on Ava’s fight and path forward. Then, we shift to business talk. Specifically:

1. How to maintain a positive outlook and focus on what really matters.

2. Are you prepared when life throws you a curveball?

3. What are the major needs Jason sees for the majority of Affiliate owners?

4. What would Jason do differently when he first opened his Affiliate?

5. What can an affiliate do to begin building a more sustainable business?

6. How does Jason maintain culture and vision in all his locations?

7. How did Jason break into the “corporate” market?

8. Are you ready for a second location?

9. Do you actually need a marketing plan?

10. Partnerships

11. Action items to begin to scale your business.

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Ep 66 | Just Go For It – Finding Passion with Rory Zambard and Aaron Hoff

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“Just go for it.” Rory Zambard and Aaron Hoff join us this week to chat about the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run.

The Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run is CrossFit Poipu’s Annual Competition is an event on the beautiful Island of Kauai to raise money for youth scholarships.

The program was started by Aaron Hoff in 2013. He grew up on Kauai, knowing well the challenges that young people are faced with on the island. Drug and alcohol abuse are a major problem, particularly with the youth. Aaron has been clean and sober for 18 years now and has dedicated his life to giving kids a better choice and support them through the most formative and critical years of their life.

Aaron and Rory share with us their passion and drive that make the event possible. The passion is palpable. As you listen to today’s episode, use Rory and Aaron’s clarity and singularity of vision as an example in your own business and coaching life.

Get involved with the event. Either as a sponsor, a participant, or by simply sharing their message with your tribe:


Ep 65 | Spealler’s “Why”

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We’re joined this week by Chris Spealler. Chris opens the show discussing the transition from competitor to coach in the 2016 CrossFit Games.

We quickly switch gears to a discussion around culture. Specifically, we discuss ways that your programming and values can influence the culture of your gym.

For Chris this comes down to his “why”.

Why do you program? Why do you offer what you offer? Why are your members in your gym? What are they there to achieve?

Chris and I also chat about Icon Athlete. Icon Athlete is, in essence, the culmination of nearly a decade of coaching, competition, and programming. In short, this is Chris’s “why”.

One takeaway we arrive at for the affiliate owner is this practice of “why”. Any class you coach, workout you program, and offering in your gym should have a reason behind it.

We wrap up the showing chatting about the emotional aspects of Affiliate ownership and some advice Chris would go back and give himself back when he first opened CrossFit Park City.

Stay up-to-date with all things Icon Athlete including the “Weekly Geek.”

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Ep 64 | Music in Your Gym Pt II, Questions for Your Attorney, and Passive Income

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Do I need a music license? Do I need an operating agreement? Do I need an attorney?

When you’re in the infancy of your fitness business, these things seem to be the furthest from top-of-mind. But, they are HUGELY important. Enter our most popular guest: Sandy Shepard.

Sandy Shepard – an Intellectual Property, Trademark, and Contract Attorney (among MANY other credentials). Sandy is the author of three books, Chief Legal and Business Strategist at Good Solutions, dog lover, and all-around purveyor of good vibes and assistance to entrepreneurs.

Today, we give you a timeline and template of questions you need to begin asking either as you open or as your business undergoes natural changes.

Check out Sandy’s LinkedIn Profile for free contract and IP resources.

As mentioned in the show, we’ll be doing a follow-up Q&A – send your questions to: and we’ll get them on the show

Ep 63 | Communication Strategies to Reach New Audiences

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Are you leaving new members on the table?

I talk about this all the time – it has to be very easy to reach out to your gym. You should be able to research, read reviews, and schedule an intro quickly, simply, and from a mobile device.

But what if I have a couple questions and don’t want to or can’t pick up the phone?

There’s no doubt – mobile has replaced landlines and messaging has replaced calling. I get it – you want to get people on the phone so you can give them your pitch. But, chances are, they don’t want to get on the phone. They want an answer and they want it now. No calls. No voicemails. No waiting for an email response.

There’s no denying it. We live in a world of immediate communication and infinite convenience. The gym that can eliminate as many barriers as possible from the couch to on-ramp gets the lion’s share of members.

To use Jace’s offer for ZipWhip, simply go to and use the promo code 321GO.