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Ep 81 | Social Entrepreneurship – Doing Well While Doing Good

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We’re joined by Ryan Crozier of Agency Boon and Good Bureau to talk about building a company from nothing, branding, and using his company to do social good.

This week we build upon a theme set out last week by Z Hanson of Barbells for Boobs. In a broad sense, we chat about the role of the local small business in the community. More specifically, we discuss various corporate entities and business models that use social engagement to define their brand and affect the most amount of change.

Takeaways from this episode:

  • How do you use social engagement to tell the story of your gym?
  • How can you use your members to build your social impact?
  • How do you tell your Story beyond your workout?
  • What lessons can you learn from growing a business and handing off key responsibilities?

Learn more about Ryan’s organizations:

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram:  @agencyboon

Ep 80 | Barbells for Boobs’ Z Hanson Finds her Path

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This week we’re joined by Z Hanson – Founder of Barbells for Boobs – to chat about social entrepreneurship, her time as an Affiliate owner, and her path to building Barbells for Boobs.

We touch on the following:

  • How did Z use lessons from CrossFit and Affiliate ownership to build her entrepreneurial vision?
  • How does Z manage the vulnerability of Leadership?
  • How has Z structured her team around her strengths and weaknesses?
  • How does Z deal with the loneliness of entrepreneurship?
  • How can the Affiliate owner use social innovation to demonstrate impact?

Tuesday Nov. 29th is Giving Tuesday – take some time to buy a t-shirt from Barbells for Boobs.

Ep 79 | Chris Spealler Talks Programming

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Growing up in wrestling and competing at the Division 1 level, being one of the few athletes to have attended 7 CrossFit Games as an individual, and a career in coaching and programming for over a decade, Chris Spealler is a true ambassador for Fitness.

He lives in Park City, Utah with his wife, 2 kids, and their dogs Oakley and Avalanche.You can frequently find him on the slopes and single track in Park City putting his fitness to use. In today’s episode, we talk extensively about programming for your affiliate.

We answer the following questions:

What trends does Chris see in programming?
How much fitness can you achieve in just an hour a day?
How should you accommodate competitive athletes from within your general population?
How does Chris recommend you layer in additional work?

Jump in on Chris’s offer for a free trial of Icon Athlete programming by visiting

Ep 78 | Gym Owner Roundtable

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A departure from my typical Skype interview, today’s episode is all about gym owners sitting around, shooting the s%&t.

This week we’re joined by some of the 321Go team – Stefan Cox from CrossFit Turbine, Don Moss from CrossFit Apogee, Ashley Bacsu from CrossFit 317, and Jamie Gallagher from CrossFit Burke. We chat about the importance of finding other entrepreneurs to share the struggle, hiring and firing staff, and finally viewing yourself as a professional business (and charging accordingly).

WARNING: As you can imagine getting a bunch of gym owners in the same room can get a bit colorful. Today’s episode is slightly less PG-13 than our usual format.

What can I do to get more people in my gym?

This is – BY FAR – the most commonly asked question by affiliate owners and small business owners in general.

Today, we dig deeper into the heart of this question. Embedded in this question are some misunderstandings around marketing. Our goal is to help you sift through all the “tips” and tactics out there to set your marketing strategy apart from the crowd.

Ep 77 | A Guide for Facebook Ads

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Josh Sturgeon is back on the podcast for a 3rd time to give our listeners a guide for creating Facebook ads and audiences for the novice marketer.

Josh is the founder of EmberTribe and 321Go Hub Course contributor. We answer the following:

Should I begin to pay for Google Adwords?
How much should I expect to pay per click?
How should I target and measure the effectiveness of my digital advertising?
What is the difference between a “Boosted” post and the “Ad Manager” on Facebook?
How do you create an effective “Audience” on Facebook?
Where should you place your Facebook and Instagram Ads?
How should you follow up with your leads from paid advertising?

Josh wraps up the show giving you a step-by-step guide for advertising on Facebook for the first time.

Ep 76 | Must-Have Business Templates and Health Coverage Options for the Gym Owner

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We’re joined this week by Vaughn Vernon of Affiliate Guard to chat about important business systems templates he’s created through the experience of dealing with thousands of affiliates throughout the years.

We hit on the following:

Do I need a special event/competition policy?
Why should your waiver contain a rhabdo component?
Do you have an equipment inspection checklist?
Do you have a kid’s area sign in?

We then go on to follow up last week’s episode with a discussion on W2 vs.1099 employees and your insurance responsibilities for each.

Vaughn wraps up the show talking about Affiliate Share, a health coverage solution for gym owners.


Ep 75 | Profit First and Other Financial Questions

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This week we’re joined by resident accounting and finance whiz, John Briggs of Incite Tax.

We chat about some key ways you can begin to look at your Profit & Loss statements to maximize your growth and profits.

For how long should you barter and bootstrap your business?

When should you look to be fully staffed and pay yourself?

What is real revenue vs. gross revenue?

What will happen to the business that “just needs to break even”?

Why are profits important?

Where should you invest profits? How much should you pay yourself?

What is the difference and advantages of 1099 and W2 employees?

Learn more about Profit First and schedule a free call with John by going here:

Ep 74 | Break-Ups, Expansion, and Knowing Everyone’s Name

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Geo Rockwell opened his first affiliate in 2009, second in 2012, and third in 2014 – each with a slightly different partnership and operating structure.

Needless to say, Geo has seen and learned a lot through his years in business ownership. We open the show chatting about Geo signing the first draft of his first lease in the parking lot of the gym at his first visit. Things have changed a bit since then…

We go on to talk about partnerships breaking up and how to avoid things going wrong in a business partnership. Fast forward to Geo opening his next two affiliates in the Baltiore area. We answer the following questions:

-What is different today than that first affiliate in 2009?
-How do you know if you’re ready for a second location?
-How do you manage multiple affiliates and 500 members?
-What do Geo’s gyms do exceptionally well?
-How do you tangibly define “community”?

We wrap up the show with a discussion around two of Geo’s passion projects
The 4th Pull Podcast
Community of Strength Non-Profit

Keep up to date with Geo’s gyms:

Ep 73 | Kid Care, Coaching a Great Class, and Leaving with a Smile

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We’re joined today by Don Moss – owner of CrossFit Apogee and rockstar contributor to the Hub Platform.

Today, we chat about two of his courses: Creating a Kid Care Program and Coaching a Great Class. But the broader theme in today’s show is Culture. You have 60 minutes a day to transmit your vision of culture.

How will you do it?

There is still room to squeeze in on the 30for30 Business Challenge. Accept the challenge here:


Ep 72 | Do You Have the Habits of an Entrepreneur?

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How many times have you told an athlete that results come from consistent effort over time?

Why, then, do we think that our business growth would be any different? What are we waiting for – the right tactic, that “one thing”, motivation? Here’s our challenge to you – dedicate a small sliver of time each day to developing the habits of an entrepreneur. Have a vision of where you want to be and work each day to achieve it.

We’re asking for 30 minutes a day – no more, no less.

In this episode, Julie Weldon shares with us how she has seen entrepreneurs either succeed or fail through the appropriate habits.

To join in on the challenge to begin your business transformation, go to to join.