The 321Go “Fuel Your Passion” Seminar is the most comprehensive two-day education available on the gym business.

Now worth 12 CEUs toward CrossFit certifications, the “Fuel Your Passion” seminar includes the MOST help for a very affordable price.

You’ll learn:

  • How to start with the end in mind. “What’s your Perfect Day?” is the FIRST question we ask every gym owner. In other words, why have you opened a gym in the first place?
  • Developing your Strategic Advantage among your competition by telling stories and creating member personas
  • Turning your website into a lead generation machine
  • Solid Marketing for Today’s Gym: staying in front of a potential member is essential until they are ready to join or at least give you a try
  • The systems that make your passion a business
  • Using systems to move to CEO and professionalize your business
  • The Client OnBoarding Process: making sure your members are setup for success
  • The Intake Process: how to use Behavioral Modification instead of a slick sales pitch
  • Member Retention: how to maintain a year-over-year retention rate of over 90%…without contracts
  • Creating an Experience for your Member: how to define and refine your brand
  • Using Social Media effectively to generate more leads and engage your members

Collaborate and brainstorm with other gym owners in regular breakout session and have dinner with the speakers on Saturday night.

It’s a long weekend that can change the next 30 years of your life.

No other seminar can provide the depth of expertise or breadth of experience of 321Go’s Fuel Your Passion seminar.

View the schedule of topics below

Saturday - Day 1

1. What’s your Perfect Day?
We’ll start off the weekend defining success from the very beginning. While it’s easy to say “I need/want more members”, we rarely stop to ask what that really means. By setting the stage with your Perfect Day and core competency, you’ll be able to identify EXACTLY how the material from the weekend applies to your business.

2. Your Strategic Advantage: Telling Stories & Member Personas
This is where it gets fun. We will look at what separates you from all your local competition and provide tactical ways you can stand above the competition so you don’t have to compete on price. We will also show you how to identify the different types of members in your gym so you can be more targeted with your marketing efforts.

3. Pillars of a Robust Business
Have you ever stepped back to examine your offerings? How did you arrive at pricing? What opportunities do you provide to your staff to build a lasting career? We’ll explore ways to build lasting careers for your coaches all while learning strategies for your continued success.

Breakout – Member Personas
You will break into small groups and begin to identify your own targets and be given a template to get feedback from your members as well.

4. Creating an Experience for your Members
Creating the best hour of the day. It’s easy to talk about how great your programming and community, but what does that mean on a day-to-day basis? Do these things happen with or without you? We’ll explore ways to provide a top-notch experience that bridges your online & offline message.

Breakout – What are going to commit to?
Time to get serious. Reflect on the previous talks and write down action steps you will take when you get home.

Join us for a WOD, then out to dinner to continue the discussion and build relationships.

Sunday - Day 2

5. Systems/Processes: Built Retention First
What comes to mind when you think of “Systems”? Standard Operating Procedures? A Staff Handbook? Overwhelmed, of course! We’ll give you a Systems Roadmap that begins with your existing members and ends with Marketing. All the tools you need to begin building strong systems around your members.

6. Lead-Generating Websites
Your website is your digital gym. Your website not only needs to be found easily, but when someone visits your site, they need to know your professional and can meet their goals, not yours. Also, 95% of visitors are not ready to buy, so you HAVE to capture their emails so you can nurture them and convert them when THEY are ready. We will show you how.

Breakout – Review some attendee websites/What are going to commit to?
Time to get serious. Reflect on the previous talks and write down action steps you will take when you get home. We will also do some live website audits of attendee’s websites.

7. Insurance/Legal Best Practices – Affiliate Guard

  • An overview of insurance exclusions and how they can financially cripple a box.
  • Procedures on how to correctly document an injury
  • Procedures on what to do if we get served papers from an attorney
  • Review kid corners at the box and the liability’s involved and how to mitigate that risk
  • Review AM Best ratings of insurance companies and how they can affect your business
  • How to protect your 1009 trainers against bodily injury

8. Strong Marketing for Today’s Gym
No longer can you get away with not promoting your gym to the local community. With that said, there are smart ways to market your gym using online/offline tools and ways to waste your money. We will show you how to marketing wisely.

9. Systems to CEO
Coming back to your Perfect Day, we’ll wrap up the weekend by creating a game plan and “program” to get you there. Execution Eats Strategy for Breakfast.

Breakout – What are going to commit to?
Time to get serious. Reflect on the weekend and commit to 2-3 action steps you will take when you get home to push your gym forward.

Payment options for the weekend:

  1. Attend both days for $399.
  2. Existing 321GoProject clients get both days for $349

More Seminars will be posted soon!

– Stefan Cox | CrossFit Turbine

Hosting and attending the 321GoProject’s “Fuel Your Passion” seminar has been hands down the best investment I have made into this business.

Running a CrossFit gym is unlike running any other business and having Clay Weldon, the 321Go Team, and the vast resources available has been a life saver for me and my team. Not only did I learn a lot more than I ever thought I would, I also created some long-lasting relationships with other affiliate owners.

If you are on the fence about attending this seminar, my advice would be to invest in your business and join today. You can thank me later.