As I sit alone in the airport watching the beautiful Charleston sunset getting ready to head home to my family, I am grateful for this past weekend experience. The close of an amazing Hubster Gathering.

Our 321Go team all descended on Chucktown middle of last week before the event started. We are a virtual team connected through Slack and video conferencing software. We meet up via video every week to laugh, share, grow, and work to move the needle. We’ve grown a lot this year and that growth has brought new faces. Quite a few of our team had never actually met before in person.

So this was the first time most of our team could shake each other’s hand and give each other a hug. Wow, we have a rockstar team – full of energy, confident humility, humor, and the #GSD mentality. What was incredible to experience was the deep respect we all have for one another, and the desire to share whatever resources we have to help each other.

Gym owners from all over the country came in for a weekend of leadership development, building relationships, and gym business learning. While that all sounds so official, it really was a meeting of like minded go-getters who want to grab life by the horns and take an awesome ride. Not some out-of-control amateur cowboy, but a professional bull rider who can last the whole 8 seconds who is committed to making it a fun, action-packed, fulfilling ride.

Here’s a little bit of what we did with our time together:

In case you haven’t felt it yet, this one life we have seems to speed up each day. Our days are filled up with so much stuff that if we aren’t careful will own us and then before you know it, we look back in frustration asking, “What if?”. And if you’re anything like me, what if’s just plain suck.

We are all capable of so much more than we allow ourselves.

We are our own limiting factor. With accountability, focused purpose, and surrounding ourselves with people that better us, we honestly have no limits.

All those who attended this weekend felt the positive energy and experienced a renewed sense of purpose. Every one from the attendees, to our team, to myself. The information shared and the conversations had were not fluffy or pie-in-the-sky motivational discussion. They were significant, meaningful, task-oriented, and laced with solid strategies for growth. After hosting 17 of these in-person seminars, this was by far our best one. If you don’t believe me, ask any of our attendees what they thought.

So if you missed this past weekend, we are already starting to think about our next one in late spring of 2018. Not sure how we can top this one, but we certainly will do our best.

At the end of day, every one of us learned how to be better leaders, what community truly looks like, and what really matters in this life. We learned how important it is to constantly lift up your head up to see there are people around you who can help you get where you want to be and in turn you then get to return the favor.

It’s not about me or you. It’s about us.

Let’s Go!

Clay Weldon