One Summit, Three Days, 3000+ Attendees, 25 Speakers, A Sore Bum, And A Desire To Give Up.

Yes, a desire to give up on:

  • Keeping up with the incredible non stop work pace that seems to be the norm
  • Worrying about what our competition is doing and instead focus on pursuing what we were meant to accomplish
  • Perfecting our product/service/summit before it gets launched, knowing there will always room to improve
  • Trying to convince someone of anything. Sometimes they are just not a good fit, but if we are crystal clear on our why, many others will be that good fit.
  • Starting my day without having it planned out first
  • Wanting to be more educated, creative, realistic, strategic, confident, etc., etc. before attacking the next big goal. It’s not the smartest people in the room that get shit done, it’s always the ones who know what they want to accomplish in life, determine there is no plan b, commit and execute. One step at a time.

If you joined us for our 1st Annual Gym Owners Growth Summit, we thank you sincerely. Please keep reading till the bottom for a BIG ask.

Whether you were one of our amazing twelve partners, 26 speakers, or one of the 3060 attendees, this wouldn’t have happened without you.

When we initially starting dreaming of the Summit idea, we decided if we got 500 gym owners to sign up, it would be a success. Little did we know the momentum that would take shape and that we would get over a quarter of all the gyms in our community to sign up.

After engaging with many of the speaker interviews and all the Q&A’s with each speaker, here are my three big takeaways:

  1. Time is both your friend and your enemy. Frienemy:)

Just like it takes a long time to build muscle strength, there’s no difference in your business. Building strong, successful businesses just takes time. The experience you gain by “doing the work” each day builds on itself and prepares you for bigger decisions down the road.

Time is also the enemy because there is always tomorrow or so we think. We tend to put off what we “should” do for what we “need” to do. Coach a class, answer emails, clean the gym, the list goes on. These are necessary but won’t help move the needle in our success. We need to fill our days with assessing,  planning, and then execution. So let’s get serious about our businesses and give them the respect they deserve.

  1. If you are not clear, I mean, really crystal clear on your Why, you should stop what you are doing and figure it out. Like now.

If you want to be just another gym in your area, then disregard this point. But if you truly want to be “world class” as Ben Bergeron says, you must know your Why, so you can lead effectively and make decisions based on it.  Your team, coaches, and members need a leader who knows where they are heading, otherwise there will be no direction.

  1. The Summit speakers are no different than you and I. Well, then again, maybe they are.

Each one of the speakers we interviewed had a fire in their bellies and an unmistakeable drive to be their best. They do what they say they are going to do, don’t let obstacles stop them, are not afraid to ask for help realizing they are not always the smartest in the room. Laziness is not in their vocabulary. Many look at them and wonder how they can get so much accomplished with the same amount of time as the rest of us. They are constantly pushing themselves to be the best version of themselves.

We hope you were part of this with us. We have to admit, we are already excited for making next year’s Summit even better.

On that note, if you benefited at all from the Summit, will you do me a big favor and fill out this survey so that we can use your input to make it even better next year?

If you missed some or all of the sessions, we’re offering you a 30 Day Summit Pass for only $69. With that purchase, you’ll get access to all Summit sessions, both in video and mp3 format. And, if you sign up today by 5pm (CT), you’ll get all the bonuses: 2 done for you marketing campaigns, and a chance to win a 10×10 awesome gym tent with your logo.

Go get ‘em!