“When we decided to go with Clay and 321Go Project, it was because we knew we were going to get more than just an amazing web site. With so many options of logo and web designers out there, choosing the right one can seem like a daunting task. After sifting through multiple options, one thing kept sticking out: Everyone we spoke to who went with 321Go Project told us the same thing: “You HAVE to go with them, they are the best!

Now we know exactly why! Clay took the time to understand our box’s culture, style, and community as well as our goals and needs with our branding and web site. It takes a special talent to be able to convert that understanding into action, and Clay exceeded our expectations every step of the way!

We had a vision of what we wanted our logo and branding to entail, and Clay ran with it and created what is the perfect look and feel for what we were going for. Clay is extremely detail-oriented and went the extra mile on multiple occassions to ensure we were 100% satisfied. Even on areas unrelated to our branding and website, Clay was an invaluable resource as we launched and and now continue to grow.

While it was difficult at first for us to choose a logo and web designer, let us simplify it for you and tell you what we were told all along: You HAVE to go with 321Go, they are the best!” – Overland Park CrossFit
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