I can’t tell you how many times each week we get asked by box owners how they can get more leads in the door.

They aren’t asking how to convert clients once they are in the door, they just need more leads.

So let me ask you: If people can’t find you online easily, how do you expect to make this happen?

I am not talking googling “CrossFit” and your “Gym”, that should be a given. If you are not even ranking there, then that is where you should start and we can help. I am talking about all the other terms your potential clients are searching for: fitness, building strength, endurance, body fat, nutrition, etc.

These are the terms when people search, your gym should show up.

Ok, enough talk. Watch the video below to learn more about how we are going to help you change this, then click on the link below the video to learn the first step you need to take. Can you tell how excited we are for this yet? Cause we are:)
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