Rounding out our month’s focus in Hub on Finances and Insurance, this week’s blog article is written by Vaughn Vernon, founder of Affiliate Guard.

Every box has lost that athlete who enjoys community and class—but their work/life schedule prohibits them from getting in as much as they’d like.

Most box owners would love to accommodate everyone by adding classes, trainers and offerings, but not when the additional overhead doesn’t provide a smart return on investment.

Well, what if you could accommodate all your members, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, without adding staff overhead? Sound intriguing?

If you’re interested in delighting your athletes and attracting new ones with innovation and differentiation—maybe it’s time to go Hybrid AF.

The Hybrid Athlete Foundation is changing the game. It’s their mission to create a solid, supportive network providing 24-hour gym access in your box and beyond. The Hybrid AF model encourages athletes to take accountability for their fitness by offering options outside class schedules.

Don’t think it’s impossible because it’s anything but.

The Hybrid AF family is nearly 50 deep and growing by the hour. I know this because that family is my family. Affiliate Guard is the proud insurance partner of Hybrid AF. If you are already in the AG family, you can seamlessly begin to offer your members 24-hour access. And if you are not—you can give me a call at any to tell me you’re ready to be Hybrid AF.

Here’s how it works. The gym is always open with a turn-key system provided by Hybrid AF. It includes a state-of-the art technology tying all the pieces together in a mobile app. Classes are scheduled as usual and staffed by your coaches— but all downtime becomes open gym time.

Hybrid AF has the legal part covered—the electronic waivers and rules are built into the app, and members must have 6 months experience before getting 24-hour access.

Gyms who have gone Hybrid AF are seeing increased retention, conversion and revenue.

They are also enjoying increased membership when experienced athletes show up looking for the 24-hour freedom to reach their fitness goals.

The Hybrid AF app lets box owners open or lock their door from anywhere. Athletes also use the app to open the gym door and find any other gym in the Hybrid AF network when traveling. There’s 50 today, but there will be another zero on that number very soon, and it’s a nice feature for members who travel on business.

It’s not 2010 anymore. There’s a fitness option on every corner. Ask yourself, what I am doing to differentiate my box?

If you’re looking for an answer—I encourage you to think about going Hybrid AF!

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