So you opened your own box? CONGRATS!

But before you say 3,2,1GO… and hit the WODs running, have you thought about the medical side to owning a CrossFit box?

Ask yourself a few questions about your box:

  1. Are you prepared for an emergency?
  2. Are you and your coaches, all of them, yes all of them, CPR/AED and 1st Aid Certified?

CPR and First Aid are basic simple skills that will protect you in the event of an emergency and also protect your athletes in the event of the emergency. As GI Joe always says, “Knowing is half the battle!”

CPR courses can be found throughout the country. The two main organizations who provide this education are the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association.

The American Red Cross gives classes in:

  • First Aid
  • Sports Safety Training

The American Heart Association gives classes in:

  • First Aid

Both of these are also excellent options. You also may be able to find instructors through your box, your local school district or hospital. These second options may be cheaper and easier than going directly through the local chapter of the Red Cross or American Heart Association.

CPR Updates!!!!

CPR is changing. If you are certified in CPR already, be sure to check your cards and get updated on the changes to CPR that are being made. Check out the websites listed above on how to get your update. Often, if you are already certified, this can be completed online.

Always lean on the side of caution and be prepared not only for you, but for your clients as well!