This month in Hub, our theme is Rebranding and the Client Experience. All month with our Hubsters, we are focused on what it looks like to go through the process of rebranding, and what it looks like to offer members an experience they want to keep coming back for.

In light of that, Don Moss, one of our amazing 321Go Business Coaches shares his thoughts in this blog post about whether or not you should rebrand yourself.

From Don…

If you own a CrossFit box, there was very likely “The Moment” when you knew you were in love with CrossFit as an exercise methodology, wanted to share it with as many people as you could, and possibly even make a living at it.  

You love CrossFit and you want everyone to share your passion for it.  

But is it the only way to get fit and should it be the only thing your gym offers?  


The discussion of boxes rebranding themselves as “Fitness” or “Athletic” or “Training” facilities grows louder and more common all the time.

That’s because owners who have been in business for a while realize that the world at large doesn’t only want CrossFit, despite what owners hope for.  

The term “CrossFit” has an inherent intimidation factor associated with it. Images of shredded CrossFit athletes doing amazing things are everywhere.

This can be an immediate mental roadblock for the vast majority of those who don’t feel like they’re ready for the level of intensity they see before them. 

Certainly, you can help diminish this perception through “Beginners Welcome” in all your marketing and images and testimonials of normal athletes at your box just working towards achieving a higher level of fitness. However, the broader you cast your net (additional programs and services), the greater chance you have of catching something (members).  

If you’re a potential member and you go searching for a new fitness home, what would be more enticing… a facility that only offers CrossFit or a gym where CrossFit is but one of several options?

Opening your doors to those looking for personal training, nutrition, bootcamp, Olympic Weightlifting and other specialized programs immediately increases the likelihood that someone will find a program at your facility that is tuned in – at least in their minds – to their goals.  

This is by no means a call to lose your CrossFit affiliation.  

CrossFit is a highly effective exercise program that has, and will change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.  But consider making CrossFit just the crown jewel in a crown of multiple exercise programs, all with their own following.

Boxes that have rebranded as fitness, training, athletic or other types of facilities commonly notice an increase in traffic because they’ve opened their appeal to a greater portion of their general community.  

Prospects are more likely to reach out and/or walk in knowing that a “high intensity” program such as CrossFit isn’t the only option you offer.

Then, as your new member becomes involved in the community and sees your CrossFit community, they can start to realize that at its core, CrossFit is about fitness surrounded by support, motivation and inclusion… not who beat who and how bad you hurt. The conversion from one program to CrossFit after a period of time could be significant.

So, now you’re intrigued about the prospect of rebranding. What do you do?  

  1. Check out the “Rebranding Your Gym” section of the Hot Gym Owner Topic Questions in The Hub. There is some great, detailed discussion in there about rebranding your gym and it will help give you a better perspective on the journey.
  2. Ensure you’re offering multiple services, e.g. nutrition, personal training, bootcamp, specialized programs. Remember, offering multiple services is best handled by having multiple staff (don’t jump on the burnout train and try and do it yourself, please).
  3. Consider rebranding yourself as a Fitness or Athletic or Training facility.  You can even be a “XXX Fitness: Home of CrossFit XXX” to keep waving the CF flag loud and proud while still offering more in your name and brand.
  4. Market your gym and it’s programs accordingly. Highlight all of your services in your marketing – both internal and external.

Finally, rebranding your gym is a big decision and, like all good things, it’s something that will take some work to accomplish. 

Don’t enter into it lightly. Know that, in order to do it right, there are a whole host of factors you need to consider…. much more than just changing your logo. Hire a marketing expert who has experience with rebranding CrossFit gyms specifically who can help you make sure everything is covered. We’ve done this for many gyms and would be happy to have a conversation about how we can help. To schedule a call, click here 

If you want to broaden your gyms appeal to a larger portion of your surrounding community and earn the members and revenue associated with it, it may well be worth it.  

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