When we talk about improving fitness across broad time and modal domains, it’s simple to figure out where we’re weakest.

When it comes to our business, though, we sometimes struggle to know what we don’t know.

  • Tighten up our billing system?
  • Write clearer staff contracts?
  • Keep clients around longer?
  • Buy new bars?
  • Change our phone plan?
  • Sign a new lease?
  • Which comes first, which isn’t necessary?
  • When do I take more risk, and when do I take more money?
The answer: YES!
  • Keep people happy
  • Bill them on time
  • Offer extra services
  • Simplify your relationships
  • Grow
  • Reduce stress
  • Spend less time
  • Make more money
  • Do them all
The secret is to start from the ground up

Begin building a business, step by step, that reflects who you ARE, and gives you what you WANT from life.

Start from Square One (we’ll help you find it!) and finish with a gym that works for you…instead of the gym where you work. We’ll help you draw a map, and guide you down the path to the true entrepreneurial lifestyle. On January 26th & 27th, we’ll take you through the process, step-by-step.

321GoProject will be at CrossFit Proper in Corona, CA on Jan 26 & 27, 2013

PRESENTERS: Clay Weldon & Chris Cooper, along with a guest speaker soon to be announced!

Some of the topics covered during the seminar:

  • Why branding builds trust
  • Using website to turn visitors into clients
  • Practical tips to optimize your current website
  • Creative ideas you can use to promote your box
  • Identify weak areas – where are you literally leaking money every day?
  • Find ways to increase revenue without increasing costs
  • Train your staff to think and act the way YOU do
  • Build a system for growth
  • Clearly see the opportunities you’re missing every month
  • Sleep in, take a long weekend…or retire
  • Clone yourself
  • Become the go-to Expert in your area…or the world
  • Help your clients find JOY in your gym

You have two options for the weekend:

  1. Attend both days for $449
  2. Attend one day for $249

To maximize the experience of our participants, we have limited registration available.
Register here >>

BONUS: We’re starting our first Fuel group immediately after the seminar, and participants in the seminar will have first chance to sign up. Our Fuel group consists of no more than 6 affiliate owners who will gather online weekly via a video conference to work through our 10 week mentoring program run by Chris Cooper.