Continuing our focus this month in Hub on Finances and Insurance, we’ve asked our good friend and insurance expert Vaughn Vernon, founder of Affiliate Guard, to share his expertise with us in this week and next week’s blog posts as our guest host.

From Vaughn…

The insurance business is like our sport—it’s all about community, relationships and wellness.

I care about my Affiliate Guard family and the greater functional fitness community, and I’ve made it my mission to insure the health of your business, your health and your wealth.

Education is the foundation of what I do.

No one wants to hear about the scary abyss of WHAT could happen—until it happens—and then it could be too late. Arming yourself with the knowledge needed to make the best decisions about your coverage is critical. To make it less overwhelming, let’s talk about the BIG THREE.


The coverage you purchase with Affiliate Guard is impacted by the physical location of YOUR business. A one-size-fits all is not okay. It’s much better to analyze your needs to customize a policy just for YOU. The terms of your lease might call for insurance protection above and beyond the norm or even the necessary. Best to have an expert analyze BEFORE you sign. If your box is located in a flood zone, you will have different coverage needs than someone in a desert. If you sponsor remote events or competitions, provide a kiddie corner/ kids classes for your members or have an outdoor pull up rig—those are all things that need to be addressed in your coverage.


Box owners are fitter, stronger and faster than most. If you only visit the doctor a few times a year but pay thousands in insurance premiums, you are paying too much for your good health. I searched long and hard to find a better way for my boxes and their extended families. The answer is Affiliate SHARE. This health care alternative rewards members with lower out-of-pocket costs and the freedom to navigate personal care, perfect for those who are committed to fitness and wellness.


You’ve worked hard to earn it—and I want your money to stay in your pocket. Over the past decade, I’ve seen a lot of liability that could have been easily avoided. The golden rule of insurance begins and ends with a simple WAIVER. Waivers aren’t just anything—they are everything. Arm yourself with an iron clad waiver and many problems will end before they begin. Also important: AEDs. They save lives, and having one is the law in most states. Tragedy turns into triumph when you are prepared.

As we head into OPEN Season, having regular conversations with your staff about Drop Ins and best practices can be that extra insurance against small mistakes that can add up to big liability.

Remember—I’m always a phone call away at 801-677-0076. Reach out anytime to see how my team at Affiliate Guard can better protect your BIG THREE.


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