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You clicked on this link because you need some serious motivation. And you need it bad.


You’re at your wits end (or close to it), and you need someone to help you regain perspective. You need to know someone understands.

You’re tired.

Up again at 4:45 to start another freakin’ day.

You’re frustrated.

Everyone wants more, and it seems very few are ever really pleased.

You’re sick of feeling like you don’t have enough time in any given day.

You’re over the bank account not being what you thought it could be.

You just lost 15 members to someone who opened up a gym right down the street. And it sucks.

You read the title of this article, and in some way you connected with it. Enough to click.

I’m here to hopefully help.

It’s ok to feel overwhelmed (we all feel that way sometimes).

What’s NOT ok is to stay overwhelmed.

I. Get. It.  I really do. I’ve been there… even recently. And it is not fun.

So I understand, and because of that (fair warning) I’m going to say some things and ask you to do some things in what follows. You might not like some of it. But, my goal is that you will be motivated to change your perspective. Today.  And take action. Sometimes we all need is a kick in the pants to take that next step.

If you can handle that, great. Keep reading. This might just be exactly what you need.

If not, go ahead and close out this window. This most likely isn’t for you.

To be honest, I’ve come out of a tough 6 months. Life has thrown me some curve balls that left me reeling. Some days have been really hard. And, I’ve wanted to just throw the towel in and give up. You know the feeling. 

But, I have to say… about my business, my team, my family, and myself…

We are visibly STRONGER.  

We are experientially SMARTER.  

We are more than ever a GOT-EACH-OTHER’S-BACK kind of team.


We CARE DIFFERENTLY than we did before.

And none of these are things you can buy, but things you JUST HAVE TO LEARN. Learn by putting one foot in front of the other. Learn by not giving up. And many times the lessons are painful.

But, the hard things are often what tell the best stories.

Read the previous sentence again and let it sink in. You WANT to tell good stories. You don’t want to say, What if?

So, let’s get to it. Let’s take a huge swallow of motivation, and attack the beast in front of you.

Think of yourself in the locker room… It’s halftime, you’re down by 20. Against your rival. The final championship rests on the outcome of this game.

As the team captain, you decide to prop your feet up on the bench, eat a Twix bar, and drink a soda because you know you just can’t beat these guys, right?

UMMM… of course you wouldn’t do that.

You reach down deep because you know it’s all on the line. You take a big swig of water, get right in the face of your teammates, and call them to action. “We got this. C’mon, let’s show them what we are made of. This is OURS to win.”

How you choose to live in the next 30 minutes will determine who the champ is.

So, that’s it, isn’t it?  IT’S A CHOICE. It all boils down to you sucking it up and making a choice.

So, here it is…  SUCK. IT. UP.  Seriously!

No more excuses.

EVERYBODY has obstacles. That’s life. Some days you’re up, and some days you’re way down. Embrace the ride of the roller coaster.

As Ryan Holiday talks about in The Obstacle is the Way, you have basically two choices… 1) see the obstacle and sit glumly down by the side of the road, saying “it’s too hard” (this is what most choose to do), or 2) FIND. A. WAY. Either through the obstacle, around the obstacle, over the obstacle, or under the obstacle. 

The obstacle absolutely doesn’t have to stop you. It can become your strength.

So, here we go.

Follow these steps below to make better choices for today.

Step One

Decide RIGHT NOW to STOP complaining about how hard you have it.

I mean, really purpose in your heart that you’re done with that. Take as much time as you need on this part until you know you’re done complaining. Look around, everyone has their “hard”. But, the winners are the ones who turn their obstacles into their catalyst for freedom.

Step Two

Ok, now that you’ve chosen your attitude… Before we go any further, watch the video below. You’ve gotten this far. Don’t skip over it… it’s less than 6 minutes.

Good stuff, huh? Now remember, it’s really hard now, but one day it will make for a great story.

Step Three

If you’re around someone you care about, tell them you appreciate them and why.

Say (or write) something like this “Hey, I just want you to know that I really appreciate you because…”

Here’s a tip I’ve incorporated into my life. Those places you visit daily: grocery store, coffee shop, gas station, you get the drill. Ask them their name, get to know them, treat them like you are genuinely interested, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how it just might make your day. (Little perk: I typically get free Dunkin Donuts coffee once a week because of my relationship with them.)

Step Four

Now, grab 3 things:

A pen, a notebook, and a Post It note.

Step Five

Go to a place that is comfortable for you.

A place that allows you to think big and good thoughts. Whether it’s your desk, your favorite chair, out on the gym floor, a coffee shop, or under your favorite tree… just go there. Oh, and leave your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, emails, and texts out of reach…  just for a few minutes.

Step Six

Get out a Post It note and write down two words.  JUST TODAY.  

You don’t have to worry about tomorrow or next week… but just today.  Then, once it’s written down, repeat it out loud 10 ten times. (Don’t skip over this… it’s crazy how powerful it is.)

Step Seven

Get out that notebook and make a list of the top 3 things that are overwhelming you.

Don’t go on to the next step until you do this.

Step Eight

On that same list, write 3 things you’re thankful for.

Really think about this – what 3 things are you deeply grateful for today, that without them, you’d be a different person?

Step Nine

Write down one person you know who has it worse than you.

Briefly describe how this person is making it better for themselves, or just complaining.  How does this compare with you?

Step Ten

Now, back to your overwhelming list…  for each one, write one thing you can do today

to make it different, move it forward, or make it less overwhelming.

Step Eleven

Get up, and go do those three things you just wrote above.

Not later, but now. You have to get past the things that have paralyzed you for too long. Like Nike says, Just Do It. And, while you’re at it, smile 5 genuine times (at people, to yourself, to your dog/cat, to the barista, to someone who just cut you off).

My friends, life is so short. I know you know this. I know you hear it every day. But, as humans, we all forget that we’re not guaranteed our tomorrows.

Let this be your reminder. Today counts. Don’t let this day have any regrets.

Go make a difference.

Just today,
Clay Weldon

p.s. Misery loves company, but winners love to celebrate together. If you take the challenge to complete the 11 steps above, I’d love to hear about your experience and celebrate with you!![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]