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If you want to be a world class athlete, you need to study the habits of a world class athlete.

It’s a simple concept that we recently applied to our online marketing.

We asked ourselves, what are the top performing box websites doing to rank high in Google?

With over 80% of customers using a search engine like Google to find a gym, this represents a massive opportunity for box owners.

To answer the question we gathered thousands of data points from box websites across the U.S. to better understand what’s working in the world of CrossFit.

In the spirit of “helping first”, we’ve made these results available through an easy to understand infographic, along with a handful of short videos below that help explain how to take action and improve your SEO! Please share this with your fellow box owner friends.

Want to Rank #1 in Google

A. Intro: Why does any of this research matter?

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B. Competition vs. Popularity: Which states of the most competition and search volume for “CrossFit” searches?

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C. Site Optimization: How are the top performing CrossFit sites optimized for search engines?

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D. Social Media: Where do the top ranking sites get the most engagement on social media?

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E. Off Page Optimization: How do top performing sites use things like links to rank higher in Google?

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F. Non-CrossFit Box Sites: Which other non-box sites are ranking in the results?

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We have a robust Academy online course that’s geared to helping you rank #1 on Google. Hands down, the best SEO resource for a gym owner.

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