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Since the CrossFit Games last month, our community is searching YouTube and ESPN and watching the greatest athletes of our sport crushing workouts.

Even my mom and dad are calling me to tell me “I saw that CrossFit thing on TV, it looks crazy.”

Your members are wearing “Smith” t-shirts, Team NorCal tanks, and talking about Murph and hero workouts. So what can you do to keep this energy going? Throw your first competition.

I have posted an event checklist, how to get sponsors, etc. in the past. So now let’s talk about setting up your first competition. Let’s try an In-House competition; something special just for your community.

Pick a Date

Give yourself at least 4-5 weeks to plan for an event. Look at your local competition calendar and make sure it’s a free weekend. With an In House competition, you don’t need too much time because everything is right at your door.

Design and Social Media

Make a simple design for your event. You can have a member do it, use your own logo, pay a designer, or whatever you choose. This design should also be t-shirt friendly to stick with the same branding.

Set up registration

Most membership software companies have an easy way to set up registration for an event. I prefer to use WODrocket for all my events, small or big. WODrocket has registration, scoring, and shirt sizes. Its a 1 stop shop for me that I have used for years and works well.

Share the event

Whenever you have an event, publish it on all platforms. Website, Newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…. you get where I am going. Just remember, not all your members are on Facebook.


Put a “Register by this date” on your event. Make sure you have time to get shirts (if you are doing event shirts). Give yourself deadlines in your planning process too; refer to the event checklist.


  • Volunteers Some members don’t like to compete. So make it fun for members to help out as well.
  • Food Potluck style is the way to go! Also BYOB.
  • ProceedsAt my gym, CrossFit Eminence, our In House competition is around our anniversary. All proceeds from the registrations go back to the gym to purchase equipment, start new programs, etc. We get votes from our members on what they want it to go towards.
  • Prizes Reach out to sponsors that you may already carry their product. They tend to donate since you are already a paying customer of theirs. Also a local trophy store can make medals or trophies for relatively cheap.


This was written by Lindsey Marcelli, co-owner of CrossFit Eminence with her husband, Kris.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]