Ever wonder if your gym actually shows up when people search for a gym online? Well, you’re not alone.

If you ask the majority of small business owners how well their website is performing in online searches, most don’t have a clue. But, it’s important to remind you that if you’re not getting found when people are looking, you’ve thrown good money after bad when you invested in your website. One of the main points of a website is to market to your potential leads, so if you’re not showing up, your website is like a dull blade.

Each month we release new content in Hub. For August, the content is all about Local SEO and Getting Found Online. And you can check it out for only $10 for the first month.

Here’s a sneak peak into the content you’d have access to once in there…


Everybody wants to show up on the first page of Google, right? Of course! It makes no sense to have a website that doesn’t get viewed. But, the truth is, not many gyms are showing up in those prime spots. Why? Because no one really know how to make it happen.

Is this you?

  • Not 100% sure if your Google Places page is optimized.
  • Not sure where you rank on Google for the keywords you want to rank for and definitely not sure how to take actionable steps to increase their ranking.
  • Not clear on the key drivers that affect your ability to rank higher.

This month, we’re committed to walking with you in helping you understand what it takes to get your website found.


GSD 1: Watch the “Local SEO 100: Introduction” course (Approx 29 minutes)
GSD 2: Watch the “SEO 101: Get Your Website Fit” course (Approx 52 minutes)
GSD 3: Watch the “SEO 200 Part 1: Understanding Citations and Reviews” course (Approx 41 minutes)
GSD 4: Watch the “SEO 200 Part 2: Link Building Tactics for Gym Owners” course (Approx 40 minutes)
GSD 5: By the end of the month, make sure your gym’s Google My Business Listing is 100% optimized based off the course. Use the “Hub Google My Business Checklist” pdf for reference
GSD 6: Have a plan in place to get at least 8 new Google reviews each month

By the end of this month, you should:

1. Have completed the “Local SEO 100: Introduction” course
2. Have completed the “SEO 101: Get Your Website Fit” course 
3. Have completed the “SEO 200 Part 1: Understanding Citations and Reviews” course
4. Have completed the “SEO 200 Part 2: Link Building Tactics for Gym Owners” course
5. Confirm you have your Google My Business Listing page setup properly
6. Have an ongoing plan to get at least 8 Google reviews per month

For only $10, you could work through this Game Plan and have confidence that your potential leads are finding you when and where they are looking online. Check it out today!


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