A departure from my typical Skype interview, today’s episode is all about gym owners sitting around, shooting the s%&t.

This week we’re joined by some of the 321Go team – Stefan Cox from CrossFit Turbine, Don Moss from CrossFit Apogee, Ashley Bacsu from CrossFit 317, and Jamie Gallagher from CrossFit Burke. We chat about the importance of finding other entrepreneurs to share the struggle, hiring and firing staff, and finally viewing yourself as a professional business (and charging accordingly).

WARNING: As you can imagine getting a bunch of gym owners in the same room can get a bit colorful. Today’s episode is slightly less PG-13 than our usual format.

What can I do to get more people in my gym?

This is – BY FAR – the most commonly asked question by affiliate owners and small business owners in general.

Today, we dig deeper into the heart of this question. Embedded in this question are some misunderstandings around marketing. Our goal is to help you sift through all the “tips” and tactics out there to set your marketing strategy apart from the crowd.

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