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“Just go for it.” Rory Zambard and Aaron Hoff join us this week to chat about the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run.

The Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run is CrossFit Poipu’s Annual Competition is an event on the beautiful Island of Kauai to raise money for youth scholarships.

The program was started by Aaron Hoff in 2013. He grew up on Kauai, knowing well the challenges that young people are faced with on the island. Drug and alcohol abuse are a major problem, particularly with the youth. Aaron has been clean and sober for 18 years now and has dedicated his life to giving kids a better choice and support them through the most formative and critical years of their life.

Aaron and Rory share with us their passion and drive that make the event possible. The passion is palpable. As you listen to today’s episode, use Rory and Aaron’s clarity and singularity of vision as an example in your own business and coaching life.

Get involved with the event. Either as a sponsor, a participant, or by simply sharing their message with your tribe: http://www.ultimatehawaiiantrailrun.com


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