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We’re joined this week by Chris Spealler. Chris opens the show discussing the transition from competitor to coach in the 2016 CrossFit Games.

We quickly switch gears to a discussion around culture. Specifically, we discuss ways that your programming and values can influence the culture of your gym.

For Chris this comes down to his “why”.

Why do you program? Why do you offer what you offer? Why are your members in your gym? What are they there to achieve?

Chris and I also chat about Icon Athlete. Icon Athlete is, in essence, the culmination of nearly a decade of coaching, competition, and programming. In short, this is Chris’s “why”.

One takeaway we arrive at for the affiliate owner is this practice of “why”. Any class you coach, workout you program, and offering in your gym should have a reason behind it.

We wrap up the showing chatting about the emotional aspects of Affiliate ownership and some advice Chris would go back and give himself back when he first opened CrossFit Park City.

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