Ep 64 | Music in Your Gym Pt II, Questions for Your Attorney, and Passive Income

Do I need a music license? Do I need an operating agreement? Do I need an attorney?

When you’re in the infancy of your fitness business, these things seem to be the furthest from top-of-mind. But, they are HUGELY important. Enter our most popular guest: Sandy Shepard.

Sandy Shepard – an Intellectual Property, Trademark, and Contract Attorney (among MANY other credentials). Sandy is the author of three books, Chief Legal and Business Strategist at Good Solutions, dog lover, and all-around purveyor of good vibes and assistance to entrepreneurs.

Today, we give you a timeline and template of questions you need to begin asking either as you open or as your business undergoes natural changes.

Check out Sandy’s LinkedIn Profile for free contract and IP resources.

As mentioned in the show, we’ll be doing a follow-up Q&A – send your questions to: Matt@321GoProject.com and we’ll get them on the show

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