Ep 61 | Vision, Building Youth Programs, and Productivity

We’re joined this week by Nick Mann, owner of OBP Gym and Founder of Strength2Change.


Nick shares with us some simple steps he used to start up a kids program in his gym. This program became so popular and the vision so clear that he knew he needed to expand the footprint – enter Strength2Change.

Strength2Change is a non-profit organization that brings strength training programs, career, and social opportunitites to at-risk youth. Nick currently provides scholarships for youth with the goal of building easy-access facilities in the neighborhoods he serves.

In addition to discussing some ways you can build a kids program in your gym, Nick shares with us his inspiration and vision. After talking with Nick, he vision is big and clear – working everday to execute.

With solid execution comes productivity habits. Nick discusses the ways he “batches” his workload in order to balance his work, charity, and life.

To get involved with Nick, go to http://strength2change.com/ or find him on Instagram @strength_2_change

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