Ep 60 | Ben Bergeron’s Journey Toward Excellence

Ben Bergeron joins 321Go Podcast to share his stories of excellence in business.

Ben Bergeron has been a shining example to nearly every affiliate owner over the last decade. Over at http://www.builtbybergeron.com Ben shares everything he’s learned over the years. Both in his programming for competitive athletes – including a Masters’ specific program – and in his Affiliate Excellence programs, Ben delivers his experience in excellence for both athletes and entrepreneurs alike.

We open the show discussing ways that Ben blurs the lines between work and play – including safeguards he has in place to protect his time and his family.

Ben goes on to share the journey of CrossFit New England. From 0-400 members, he shows us some benchmarks to look out for as you scale and grow your business. That’s not to say things were always great with total clarity.

Ben opens up about the exact day and moment he realized his business needed a change. When he created his first organizational chart, he learned that his name was in every box. After sharing the chart and vision with his staff, it was game on.

But, just as Ben shares, he’s never arrived. This is the heart of excellence. Nothing is ever “good enough”. Client experience can always be improved. Organizational structure can always be buttoned-up. Always in pursuit, never arrived.

Stay up to date with Ben: http://www.builtbybergeron.com

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