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We are excited to have our special guest Josh Sturgeon, to talk about all things SEO (Search Engine Optimization), basically just getting found online when people are looking for your gym.

Josh really knows his stuff. Josh brings nearly a decade of experience in SEO, digital marketing and entrepreneurship. He has consulted for billion dollar corporations like Staples right alongside small, local businesses. His work has been cited by Entrepreneur Magazine, TheNextWeb and Wired Magazine.

Some questions we will cover in this episode:

1. SEO seems to be a mystery or this black hole that no one really understands. What are the common lies, myths and misconceptions around SEO and why is it powerful for box owners?
2. Do I need to hire an SEO company?
3. What is the #1 reason most people FAIL to succeed with SEO?
4. What are some specific action steps you can do this week to improve your rankings?

Resources Josh recommends to help ensure SEO success: