Clay and his team have been fantastic in taking the spirit and personality of our box and reflecting that in our logo and website design. As an island-based CrossFit gym we wanted our site to show both the intense and fun sides of CrossFit. Clay worked very closely with us to come up with a perfect logo and website to match that intent. We tend to be very particular about what we want and Clay was very patient with each of our requests. He took the time to speak with us often on the phone to ensure everything was exactly how we wanted it and came back for clarification when necessary. The webinars have been helpful as have been the consults with Chris Spealler and other box owners working with 321Go. Clay does a great job of referring new box owners to one another so that we can all learn and bounce ideas off one another. We would highly recommend Clay and his team to any box out there – new or established – in order to ensure you are getting the most bang for you buck from your web presence and brand design. This only helps to serve your members better as well as the new members that walk through your doors.
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