You know it’s December with the onslaught of “Buy One Get One” or “50% off Holiday Merchandise” banner ads, social posts, tv commercials, and radio ads.

Boxes should avoid price-driven specials on their memberships during the holidays i.e. “Black Friday 50% off 12 month membership” etc. This allows you to celebrate the holidays in your box and offer specials that don’t devalue your services.

Holiday promotions galore.

How would it be to see a sign that read “ Spend Quality Time, Not Money This Christmas”. A refreshing site to sore eyes.

Holiday promotions are fun and is a great way to celebrate the season. They don’t have to be cheesy or overly commercial. Try an authentic and genuine promotion to celebrate the holidays with your box family.

Here are a few ideas:

1. “Give the Gift of CrossFit” – Bring a Friend for Free Night

Make this holiday all about getting together with friends and family, give the gift of time together. Your box can hold a night every week in December where any member can bring a friend in for a free class.

This gives you an opportunity to build deeper relationships with your members and build interest in your brand. It is a fun way to celebrate the holidays without a cheesy price driven promotion.

2. Charity Drive – Bring in Donation and Get a Free Class

Support a local children’s charity by sponsoring a toy drive or food/clothing drive for the homeless. Offer an incentive to people for donating their items through your box. A free class, a 15 min personal training session or a personal nutritional assessment. Anything that give you the opportunity to build positive relationships with people in your community.

3. Free Nutritional Seminar or Tips – Stay Healthy Through the Holidays

You can do this through your blog, social media vehicles, signage in your gym and face-to-face. Share useful nutritional insights that help people stay fit and get through the holidays with out destroying their healthy diet plan.

Enjoy the holidays at your box this holiday season by highlighting fitness, health and overall happiness.

Post by: Elle Wheeler

Elle Wheeler was born in Salt Lake City, UT. By the time she graduated from high school she had lived in 4 different states and attended 8 different schools. In 2007, Elle graduated from the University of Utah with a BS in mass communication with an emphasis on journalism. Since graduating from the University of Utah in 2007, Elle has focused her career on digital marketing. She has worked with a variety of clients including large corporate clients like Franklin Covey and OC Tanner and small businesses.

She is passionate about using online tools to effectively market client products and services. She is passionate about the environment and photography. Elle is an avid runner and enjoys being in the outdoors.