“I connected with Clay about a year ago. I was starting a consulting website for CrossFit gym owners and he came on the show to give owners some tips and tricks. I already had a great site for my affiliate then, but I told myself for my next affiliate I will be using Clay for sure.

A year later, I moved back home to Baltimore and started my second affiliate. After running a website that was soloey dedicated to helping people open CrossFit gyms I met my fair share of people that built websites and helped brand affiliates. That did not affect my decision for a second to reach out to Clay and 321GoProject when it was time to build a website for CrossFit Federal Hill.

From the initial email I sent to every single follow up since, Clay and his team have been on top of it. The details that go into making sure your site is exactly what you invision are second to none. I am also extremely impressed by the timely response he gives to all questions after the site is up.

I will continue to recommend 321Go Project and Clay to other affiliate owners I know and use him and his team for all my website and branding needs.” – Geo Rockwell | CrossFit Federal Hill
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