“We were ready for a website that was new, fresh and fun at CrossFit Annapolis. Our goal was to build a site that people could visit and see how great our box was before they even stepped through the doors. We hoped our website would capture the amazing community, programming, coaches and facility that we offer. That’s a hard thing to do without seeing a box in person. But Clay and the great group at 321GoProject did it.

Our new website is inspiring. It shows our personality and our passion that we have at CFA. We could not have asked for a better site or a better person to work with to make that happen. Along the way we feel like we formed a great friendship through business. It truly felt like 321GoProject cared and took the time to work with us to make our site all that it is. Take a look and see yourself! Big thanks to 321GoProject! :)”
– Erin Kelly Ferner, RD, LDN | CrossFit Annapolis
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