“Stumbling upon the 321GoProject tent at The Games in 2012 was the best thing that could have happened!

I stopped by to see what they were all about and at that time, opening an affiliate was still simply a dream in my head. I had no idea about the business aspects of owning a business, no experience in branding or graphics, but I knew how to train and I knew I had a deep passion for CrossFit.

After deciding to go forth with my venture, I got connected first with their business coaching. I must say that this completely saved me because it lead me on the right path from the very beginning! I didn’t have to make huge mistakes to figure out where to go, instead I just followed his advice and coaching to get where I needed to be!

I look forward to continually building on the foundation that 321Go has helped me build. They really help to narrow your focus in on making your box the best experience for members as well as making an impact on the community you are in. The foundation had been set and I was rearing to get started, but I needed a logo, website, t-shirts, etc and I had no idea where to turn. I really wanted a designer that understood CrossFit and that is exactly where Clay came in. He came up with great options for logos and I couldn’t be more happy with the logo we chose.

Almost everyone that comes in the box compliments our logo and color scheme. Not only did Clay provide great options, but he was so easy to get in contact with if I had any questions or requests. He came up with a website that is far beyond what I imagined and definitely could not have created that myself. The website is easy to work with, which makes my job easier when I am trying to upload WODs and new pictures.

I am so happy that I found 321GoProject and really couldn’t think of opening an affiliate any other way. They were truly great business coaches and really helped to guide me through the process and let me keep my sanity, while embarking on this new business venture!”

– Ashley
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