Your big dream is becoming a reality.

You have a space, affiliation rights, a few interested people, and some equipment. You begin classes with low numbers. The occasional, curious person stops by wondering what all the hype is. She’s heard the bare minimum about it being a “big cult” (read: community), and that all box members have “drank the Kool-Aid®”. Go ahead, drink it up and set the example.bestcustomer

Your primary goal should be growing your community, in both quality and quantity. Quality starts with you.

Believe me, people are watching. Ask yourself who is your best member, and how do you obtain more? First impressions are very important; walking into a box for the first time can be intimidating. Be welcoming, cheerful and ready to answer questions. Ask the potential member what he has heard about working out at a box. Break the threshold, and bring the person into the box and show them around. See? It really isn’t that intimidating after all. Potential clients are ready to hear the standard sales pitch from GloboGym down the street, so try something else. Throw the curveball.

“As you may notice we do not have mirrors. My Affiliate (insert your box name here) is a fitness community that has no egos. You will make great friends and have a lot of fun working out. Sure, it’s hard but you will see incredible results. We do not have contracts; we as coaches invest everything we have into you. We are by your side during every WOD.”

It doesn’t end there. Your athletes will indeed follow your lead.

It’s up to you to WOD hard with the proper movement standards, and, whatever you do, don’t cut reps. You are officially everyone’s biggest fan, so acknowledging success is crucial. Don’t be afraid to jump in with classes: your members need to know you sweat too. When you finish, your job is to get the next athlete finished as quickly as possible.

If you are wondering what you new members are thinking, read this account from a member recalling her initial visit to a box:

“It was my first WOD, ‘Helen.’ and that there concreted it for me. I was starting my second 400m run when the rest of the class was finishing the WOD. I remember feeling embarrassed for being so out of shape and planning how I could get back to my keys, jump in my car and leave without anyone seeing me. The coach came out and walked with me, encouraged me. When I started my third 400m run, athletes from the next class were out running with me: total strangers encouraging me to keep going, just a bit more, almost there. They didn’t point and laugh, make fun of me or judge. That feeling of community was there that first day and only keeps growing.”

This is a fantastic Affiliate box and the community to strive for.

Your community is not concerned with the budget, or your bottom line. They want to see you happy, doing well and setting the example.

Luke Blakely  – CrossFit Belleville in Ontario, Canada.

I opened my box in 2012 in a 2000 sq. ft building with a well-orchestrated Affiliate Growth Plan. My initial step was the creation of the “Founders Club” 12 days prior to my box opening and began the first day with 63 pre-registered clients. Those 63 clients are still with me today and help grow our tight knit community. With the success of our Affiliate Growth Plan, last year we grew to our new fully stocked 7000sq. ft. facility offering Massage, Ignite, Yoga, CrossFit Certifications and numerous other amenities. As a new owner, Affiliate Growth should be your main concern, so let’s get your plan going today.