AED. What’s that? Automated External Defibrillator.

This is the machine that saves lives. The AED is what shocks the heart. Early defibrillation (3-5 minutes) increases the chance of survival exponentially.

I hope you will never have to ever use this device but by having one, you protect yourself and your athletes.

Do you have one in your box? If not, that’s ok, why not consider putting aside a few dollars every month to save up to get one. Typically AEDs cost anywhere from $800-$3000. Don’t let the cost deter you, because a life is worth it.


Don’t know where to find one? Here are some suggestions:

* Shop around. The best place is with the most selection is the AED Superstore
* The beauty of the AED Superstore is that it gives you a TON of options, including packages that provide you with everything you need. If you want, try one of their Small Business Packages.
* When you go to purchase an AED you want to make sure you have:

– The AED
– Pads for the adults
– If you have a CF Kids program or kids around, you may want to consider a set of Pediatric pads as well.
– Whether you purchase a package or just an AED on it’s own, make sure you also have gloves, a disposable razor, CPR mask and gauze with it. These can easily be purchased at your typical drug store.

* Another option for purchasing an AED could be to contact your local fire department or ambulance service and see if they have any deals or ways to help.
* You may also want to contact your local hospital, but AED Superstore will most likely give you your best price.

Remember this is about lives. In CrossFit we change lives, help people live healthier, happy lives. But don’t forget to protect your athletes while they’re in the gym in the event of an emergency.

Do you have an AED in your box? Are all your coaches CPR Certified? Post your answers and feedback to the comments!