The first week of our Hub 30 for 30 Challenge is complete, and… it’s honestly been nothing short of incredible.

In the Challenge, 150+ gym owners are using the content in Hub to dedicate the month of October to develop the habit of working ON their business for 30 minutes a day. To some, 30 minutes per day may not sound like a whole lot, but the results have been extraordinary. Here are a few examples of what we’re hearing…

“For the first time in over 8 months I wasn’t worried about stepping away from working in my business, because I am learning how to work ON my business.”

“I have to say that this [Challenge] is absolutely INCREDIBLE! I love all the action, I love all the people commenting on others posts but most importantly I love the community aspect. I’ve been a part of many groups in my social media days but I have never seen such a positive environment.”

“It’s so awesome to be surrounded by like-minded people.”

“Thanks group… I needed this. Two jobs are killing me and I need to make this more of a business than a hobby.”

“I didn’t know what to expect when I signed us up for this. I’ve been watching 321Go for years now so I knew the risk would pay off no matter what. We fall beyond short of some (all) of the metrics used to structure the program. With that being said, I would like to add that realizing this has empowered us. As we dive deeper into the program we are discovering that the steps we have been so scared to take really aren’t that big of a deal.”

“Where the heck was this three years ago??!! I am in love ❤️ ! I have focus and love checking things off a list!”

What are these people experiencing that is producing such great results?  It boils down to this simple equation:


Let’s break each of these down to see what they would mean for you:

  • Preparation – the key here is commitment. Prepare yourself for change. Examine what you’ve been doing and determine what needs to be done. You can’t keep doing what you’ve been doing and simply expect different results. It won’t happen. You’ll just get more of the same. Change is never easy. Discipline is almost always hard. But if you prepare for it and commit, change becomes an exciting adventure. Often times if your business has plateaued (or declined), you’ve got to shock your business muscles to begin to develop success momentum.
  • Organization – this is all about planning and getting your ducks in row. An organized, structured plan allows you to become aware of what you need to work on to move your business forward and lays out the steps to accomplish that plan. In this Challenge, we do each day for 30 minutes. It involves looking at each day in each week and creating a plan for what you will accomplish that week.
  • Productivity – this is where you take action on the things in your plan. Do the work for today. Don’t worry about next week, or next month, or next year. Do the work today, and before you know it, you’ll be miles from where you are right now. Richard Flint says, “Behavior never lies.” In life, a lot of people talk a good game, but watch people’s behavior and it’ll give the real truth of what’s important to them.
  • Accountability – this has been huge. The community that’s been created of like-minded, motivated business owners has been outstanding. This includes accountability, encouragement, advice, sounding board, and the sharing of resources. It takes a village to run a successful business, but unfortunately, many go at it alone. 30 for 30 participants are able to pattern themselves after others who have already been there done that. Having a “personal board of directors” of people who are in it, just like you, has proven invaluable for these folks.
  • Results – when the above four are combined, the results are powerful. Policies are being written, marketing is being focused on, time is being freed up to spend with significant others, kids, and friends, priorities are being set, and business owners are being true business owners.

30 for 30 participants are learning to trust their intuition and narrow their focus. They are healthily approaching their businesses as an ever-growing entity – putting in the time and effort it takes to advance it to the next stage of growth.

So where are you? Which of the above do you need more of?

It’s time to run your business instead of letting your business run you.

Check out our monthly packages to see if we can help.