Fran’s old car is just not cutting it anymore.

She realizes it’s doing more harm than good, so she begins the process of searching for a new one.

Fran heads down to the local used car dealer and begins to walk the car lanes, looking for the perfect car. She wants something that looks good. She’s got a reputation to keep up. But she also wants something reliable. The shiny red convertible catches her eye, but when she opens the door, cigarette smoke fills her nose and she sees the interior has been trashed.

She moves down the line and walks past a few boxy, gray station wagons. Not bad cars, but they lack the excitement and appeal she is looking for. Fran wants a car that looks and feels good.

Your website is like the car. Maybe it looks good on the outside, but the interior is confusing, unclear, or poorly written. Maybe your website is boring. You may KNOW that a new client would love your Box if they made it past your website…

How well does your website encourage new visitors to take the next step?

  • Does your site have a great design, but lacks some serious content or clear calls to action?
  • Does your site need some serious design help, but the content is clear and easy to understand?

Your website must be a cohesive mix of both design and content

A good design attracts people, but good content keeps them. You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your audience before they click on your competitor’s site.

It works both ways: if your website looks amazing, but the content on it isn’t well written and easily understood, then a potential client will still leave your site. If your site lacks a solid design, then your audience won’t even stick around long enough to consume your content, no matter how well it is written.

At 321GoProject, we believe both design and content play an integral role in attracting new clients

When a visitor clicks on your site, you want them to like what they see, make it ridiculously simple for them to find the info they are seeking, and tell them what action to take next.

photo credit: mikebaird via photopin

What if you were the trusted resource in your area for all things that relate to box programs? Like most Affiliate owners, you’re probably 10x more knowledgable than your average client. Why not use your own website platform to share your knowledge with the public?

We have built our business by sharing the information that we use ourselves. We don’t “market” by sending mass spam emails on a regular basis. We build our business on referrals from delighted clients. By providing content on a regular basis, we have built trust within our community. You can do the same.

If you want to separate yourself from your competition, here are things you can do:

  1. Make sure you show up on the first page of Google Search. This is where people find you. If you don’t show up, you might as well not even exist. Start by making sure your free Google Places account is setup here.
  2. Have a well-designed website. You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of the viewer. If your site isn’t perfect, use us or find someone who can help. You are missing opportunities EVERY DAY.
  3. Evaluate your site content. If you’re not proud of your posts, no one else will notice them. If you know anyone who can write some professional content for you, ask them to start right away. If not, we have a professional copywriter who understands what your visitors are looking for.

Your website is your welcome mat

If a client will open the door, you can share your passion with them and convert them into a client. Take some time to create a website that welcomes visitors into your house. And, of course, if you just don’t know where to start and feel stuck, we are always willing to listen and offer any support where we can. Feel free to give us a call: 435-901-2173